Yet another response to the excellent photo by Jean-Daniel Photography. Still time to send yours in to Less than 1000 words please.

w23I can feel him there, the dark one. The man he was—the man I am to become. I run into the blazing light. Trying to be a star. But I’m in supernova and burst asunder leaving a black hole in the universe. Wholly consumed by the bitter taste of what he was.

I turn away; I feel the doppelganger mirror my move. A silhouette of my darkened future, destined. Each cell carries his message to my being. I walk to life and find myself mired in the undead realm of his rumor.

Shining, I stand and contemplate my dreams. Each one obsessed with grasping the shimmer of my emancipated soul. Free from the sins of my father.

by Sheri J. Kennedy a.k.a. Kennedy J. Quinn  Published with permission.


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