In Memory of Alex Colville

Sometimes true stories are the most amazing, especially when they are of someone who recognized the deep sense of story within everyday life and had the gift to share their vision. Please share your stories sparked by this story or the artworks within it by posting a link in comments or emailing them to
Thanks to Brett for permission to reblog his tribute.

O' Canada

Yesterday, upon coming upon the notice in the NY Times of Alex Colville’s recent passing, I realized that Canada lost a giant of the art world.  Colville’s brand of realism conveyed mystery and left much to the viewer. His striking composition “Horse and Train” is a perfect example of this.   Its uneasy turbulence is illuminated by Colville’s explanation that his inspiration derived from a line in a Roy Campbell poem:  “Against a regiment I oppose a brain/ And a dark horse against an armoured train.”  Thus, did the Toronto-born and Nova Scotia-raised Colville movingly represent the struggle and strength of the individual against the mainstream.  Fantastic!

That and several of his other works are below.





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