Sometimes a story is sparked by the simple but profound image of one common object seen as something other. Mushrooms as moonbeams… What great images have you read or envisioned lately? 

Thanks Leaf and Twig for your permission to share your lovely photo and literary image.

Leaf And Twig

mushrooms bequeath us
the light of the moon

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4 thoughts on “Moonbeams

    • Interesting connecting it to Finding Nemo. I love how associations work. We’d love a quote like that to offer as a prompt, Rachel. Next time you hear one that sparks your creativity, let us know and we’ll post it to see if anyone else comes up with a story too.

  1. Pictures, objects, smells — bits of conversation. Sometimes a bit of conversation, taken out of context, makes a person wonder what the rest of it might have been about. Other times, there’s really no logical explanation. One time my son overheard in the store where he works, “It empowers my chicken.” There has to be a story there, but he’s not sure he wants to know what it is!

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