Author Workshop with Stephen J. Matlock

FVP Workshop Matlock jpg

Our Featured Author, Stephen J. Matlock will be teaching a Workshop in North Bend, WA. on October 21st. If you’re in the area, RSVP to right away. Space is VERY limited. Here are the points he will cover:

  • What choices are there for self-publishing
  • eBook or  printed book or both
  • Where to sell your book
  • Domestic vs. International distribution
  • Getting paid
  • Tracking sales
  • Marketing your book online
  • Marketing your book through free downloads
  • Marketing your book through contests/giveaways
  • Setting up blog tours
  • Getting your book in the library
  • Getting your book in the master catalog for all bookstores
  • Setting up book signings
  • Getting your press release published in the paper
  • Using Twitter to market your book–automatically–for the domestic and international market
  • Setting up your Facebook pages
  • Setting up other social media
  • How to lose weight and stay slim (oh wait–that’s next time)

Stephen’s been writing technical documentation since the 80’s and recently published his novel STARS IN THE TEXAS SKY, a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter-finalist. He’s successfully marketed his books through all the methods listed above, and has sold in the low 100’s of printed books and somewhere north of 500 copies of his eBook.

Be sure not to miss this opportunity to learn from his experience and talk with Stephen J. Matlock about your publication!


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