Brief Mention of My Advertising Plan

Some fun and interesting thoughts on promotion for authors from Charles Yallowitz. Reblogged with Permission. Thanks, Charles!

Legends of Windemere

I haven’t done a post about my path as an indie author for a while, so this will be detailed.  These are typically filled with explanations of my experience.  Truthfully, things have been tame since the release of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower in August.  With the December release of Allure of the Gypsies, things have taken on an interesting pattern.  I’ve been slowly evolving my advertising sphere with pricier things when I have the royalties to afford it.  So, I will say now that part of this plan requires spending money.  If you don’t have royalties then possibly save up a fund of about $100 at first.  It’s lead me to my current system, which I’ll share by explaining the stages.

First, some things to consider here:

  1. These stages were spread out from February to now.
  2. You can always adjust it depending on your available funds.
  3. This involves a…

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