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A bookless library? What are your thoughts on this?

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Thanks go to Robin Coyle for her post this last weekend. I read it yet shook my head in disbelief thinking, no – a public library couldn’t possibly be reduced to that!

Then I read this article: Bookless Library. Really? What’s next – bakeries without sweets? Coffee shops without coffee?

I know (and sadly accept aspects of the facts) that we’re becoming a digital world, disconnected from discourse, decency and delighting in life’s simple details. Can someone explain how this can be a library?

This is a library:

Library WideDesigned like a stack of books, the Seattle Public Library is a treasure filled with everything including digital items. Easy to spend an entire day there.

This is a library:

Dallas dedicates a floor to history (the seventh floor) and mystery (an entire floor for children) and a place for audiophiles to listen to music in almost any medium.

This is…

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1 thought on “Too Much…

  1. I had the experience yesterday of reading an eBook and getting all caught up in it and then reading the same book in paperback form later in the evening. When I got the ‘real’ book in hand, I loved that I could sense where I was in the story and enjoy the headings and cover art and feel of the page.
    But mostly with libraries it would terrible to remove them because one would lose that sense of discovery that comes with perusing shelves or walking by and having a book call to you. Sure you can discover books online, but there’s a certain targeted searching that has to happen compared to all those volumes presented on shelves.
    There’s also the social aspect of libraries. They provide warmth for those in the community with no place to go, and a hub for meetings or literary exchanges. They are part of the fabric of a healthy town and a great place for kids and teens to interact.
    I, for one will support them as long as they can be supported!

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