Author’s Workshop – January 2014

I hope you’ll join us for our 1st quarter workshop on Tuesday, January 28th! This round-table style workshop will encourage free exchange of information on self-publishing. Our FVP authors will come prepared with stats on their books and marketing choices to share along with conversation on their publishing experiences. 

Please come and share your experience with self-publishing and/or come prepared to learn from the experience of those who’ve been down the road awhile.

Please RSVP to …and Hurry Space is Limited!

FVP Author Workshop Flyer Publishing Roundtable 1-13


6 thoughts on “Author’s Workshop – January 2014

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  2. I had a wonderful time last night. I felt that the size of the group was perfectly appropriate for the discussion style of the workshop. I think we came up with some good marketing ideas for upcoming FreeVally Publishing events. Keep the creative juices flowing!

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