Stars in the Texas Sky – Book Review

Here’s a review of Featured Author, Stephen Matlock’s book reblogged…

sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside

I’ve been doing a lot of reading this year, and it’s my pleasure to share this excellent book, by Stephen J. Matlock with you:

STARS IN THE TEXAS SKY by Stephen J. Matlock as reviewed by Sheri J. Kennedy

stars-in-the-texas-sky-coverI was submerged in this world and felt the heaviness of the heat and slow pace of a town reluctant to change as the morality he was just beginning to understand dragged Henry down from a proud young citizen of his beloved town to a burdened and torn individual that longed to be whole again.

Matlock handles the complexities of political power and racial relations in a deeply internal and personal way that allows the reader to feel their way to the moral of the story. I reached inward with Henry Valentine to mend the rift in my heart that has been left by the tragedy of racial oppression, and I…

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