Thanks, Norwescon!

It was great to meet and talk to so many of you at Norwescon. I’m looking forward to hearing from those of you who are considering finishing your manuscripts and publishing your novels. Keep us posted on your progress. It’s so inspiring to hear how many writers have stories ready to get out to readers in the near future. We’ll be glad to offer support and share our experience with you. Feel free to contact us with questions or to announce your releases.

I also enjoyed learning from other writers at panels and by talking at our table. And we’re excited so many of you exchanged cards with us and took an interest in looking up our books to read soon. It was a fun, friendly, art-filled time. Thanks! Here are some fun pictures from Sunday at Con…       -Kennedy J. Quinn

Come down and see us at Norwescon this weekend!

FVP is joining with Maple Valley Writer’s to bring you some great publications to see at Norwescon. See THIS LINK for more photos of our table… Author Jeffrey Cook will be there, as well as Rachel Barnard, Kennedy J. Quinn and more….

Jeffrey Cook at the Maple Valley Writers/FreeValley Publishing Norwescon Table  -photo by Rachel Barnard

Jeffrey Cook at the Maple Valley Writers/FreeValley Publishing Norwescon Table -photo by Rachel Barnard

Author Thursdays: Secret Order of the Overworld

A great review from one of our Featured Authors regarding the fantasy novel by Kennedy J. Quinn.

SOotO Front Cover Final

Rachel Author Barnard

I’m amassing my collection of locally authored, signed editions of various novels. I am now working through reading them and have been pleasantly surprised thus far by what I’ve read. The first book I read was a fantasy novel by Kennedy J. Quinn. You can purchase the novel here: Buy it Now.

This book brings to mind an idea of spirituality that you would not come across in the midst of a typical religious philosophy. There is oneness and a sense of peace that must be attained during the outbreak of a power struggle between two forces. The author drives this overarching plot with clear motivations and a realistic sense of morality among the main characters. As you read, you become engrossed in the organic flow of time and the eloquently revealed back-story. The politics of this world, of the Overworld and of the Underneath are integrated into the…

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New Release: Sunrise Meets the Star by Victoria Bastedo

Another brand new release by one of our FVP Featured Authors!

SUNRISE MEETS THE STAR pulls in the reader as irresistibly as its unsuspecting hero. This gently rendered journey of discovery is twined in humor and the unlikely relationship of clever and heartfelt characters. In the scene of contemporary culture it’s a shining treasure to find a good-natured, compelling adventure in which the sharpest thing is the author’s wit.” –Kennedy J. Quinn, author of SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD

Sunrise Meets the Star coverVerone’s life as a peasant was a lonely one until the strangers showed up at his door. They demanded he must come with them, to unravel a tangled Will and Testament that inexplicably bound him to the side of the stubborn, dark-headed young man, Antaries.

Submitting to their demands gave him a quest, although he wasn’t certain what the end result would be. As well as Antaries, the two hired guards, and the lawyer sent to oversee the complicated Will and Testament, he had to travel with another man that despised all peasants and was ready to sneer at him at every turn.

On the road they were threatened by thieves, attacked and arrested, struck by poisoners and a pretty young pickpocket.

But inside Verone was changing, for with the surprises of travel his heart contracted with an emotion he hadn’t allowed himself to feel for a long time. Hope. Was he destined to be a lonely peasant with nothing to look forward to but scraping his next meal into his stomach with calloused hands? Or would Antaries prove to be the friend he never expected to come his way? Would he even extend himself to save Verone’s life?

Find out more or purchase SUNRISE MEETS THE STAR.

Find out more about Featured Author, Victoria Bastedo and her other published works.


Celebrate National Poetry Month With Us!

Several of our FVP authors are published poets. They will be reading published and new poems at this special event at North Bend library on April 21st. This is a King County Library System event. Join Us!

Appearances by Jacquelyn Fedyk, Linda Garcia, Sheri J. Kennedy (aka Kennedy J. Quinn, Takako Wright (aka Tommia Wright), Rachel Barnard, Stephen J. Matlock, and David S. Moore

Poetry Month Reading 2014 KCLS

Dawn of Steam: First Light – Character Profile of Sam Bowe

This Author, Jeffrey Cook will be with us at NORWESCON on APRIL 17-20th!


Gregory Conan Watts has been hired to prove the impossible. To do so, he’s expected to assemble a crew that includes war heroes, carnies, respectable women, and one wilderness scout who may or may not be entirely insane.They’ll have the best of 1815 technology: a state-of-the-art airship and the steam-powered battle suit that almost single-handedly brought down Napoleon’s alliance. Finding vast uncharted wonders Gregory’s not even sure are there sounded complicated enough; he wasn’t expecting naturaldisasters, outright sabotage … or another war.


Character Profile: Sam Bowe

Birthplace: Louisiana Territory
Age: ??
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.77m (5’9″)
Weight: 79.1 kg (174 lbs.)
AgedStupidAd2The only child of the legendary Dr. Bowe avoids mentioning what Sam is
short for unless it’s completely necessary. When she does find it necessary
to reveal that information, dealing with civilized people of the era,
especially several on the ship, becomes occasionally much harder. Sam would
not know ladylike behavior if it bit her.
Sam acts as the group’s guide for much of the journey once she’s recruited.
Having traveled with her father before some unspecified event, perhaps
simply his retirement, she claims to know a lot of the territory they will
be traveling through. Along the way, Sam demonstrates remarkable manual
dexterity, quickness, stamina, and strength – relying on these gifts
instead of the technology or learning more familiar to most of the others.
This changes only when she adopts (or perhaps is adopted by) an oddly
intelligent ornithopter which answers to whistles, basic commands, and the
name Bubsy. While Sam knows guns reasonably well, she still prefers to use
knives – and makes up for this apparent disadvantage by using them very,
very well.
Author’s Notes: Sam Bowe and Jillian Coltrane acted in concert to really
start the idea of the book rolling. The two of them, with their associated
skills and secrets, arrived mostly formed, if nameless, in one of those
brief moments of geek inspiration. Nothing else came so easily, but the two
in contrast and occasional opposition (but more often, slightly reluctant
alliance) became the foundation everything else was built on.
Sam is a throwback. If Jillian’s mind and style would be more at home in
the Steampunk 1880s than the 1810s, Sam has her roots firmly in the ages of
expansive wilderness and dark corners of the world. Despite not being “with
the times,” she has her own gifts that make her perfectly suited to that
world, which is starting to disappear with the arrival of the supposedly
more enlightened age.

With thanks to the wonderful Frankie

DAWN OF STEAM: FIRST LIGHT is now available in paperback and Kindle

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BOOK RELEASE PARTY!!!  May 17th at AFK Elixirs and Eatery in Renton, WA      Stay tuned for more information closer to the event date.


Norwescon! – FVP Authors will Be There

Be sure to look for some of our Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Steampunk authors at Norwescon on April 17-20. Authors Jeffrey Cook, Rachel Barnard, Kennedy J. Quinn and Thomas Alexander will be there in person, and you can find out more about books from David S. Moore and Victoria Bastedo. Stop in at our author table and say Hello.


Author Workshop – Mastering the Mystery of Your Blog- How-to with a Smile

FVP’s next quarterly workshop is coming up on April 29th. This will be a Hands-on Workshop with plenty of individual attention. It is for novice bloggers who want to get started or those who are uncomfortable with what their content should be and/or how to attract readers. If Blog is a scary word that you as a writer or author know you need to face, this is your workshop!

FVP Author Workshop Flyer Hands-On Blogging Workshop 4-29-14

Presenter Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Kennedy J Quinn, is a published author, successful blogger and the editor of the FreeValley Publishing blog you are visiting. Her teaching takes each participant from where they are and shows them the tools to progress toward where they’d like to be. She has found a surprising amount of pleasure in blogging and will share her enthusiasm and tips to make it a fun part of building your writing career.

Please RSVP for this event to


Re-Release – Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams by Rachel Barnard

THUMBNAIL_IMAGERachel Barnard, a driven young author in the Seattle area, released the new version of her debut novel, Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams. The novel is version four, according to the Amazon version counter, and features a stunning new cover from Dodo’s Design as well as improvements within the front and back covers. The novel is available in both print and eBook formats on Amazon and Createspace.

Barnard wrote her debut novel after graduating from New College of Florida and has not stopped improving the novel since. She released the first version in 2012 but decided that she wanted a more vivid and professional cover. She has been working for months to solidify both interior and exterior of her book and has now released the updated and final version.

Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams follows MC three years after she has infiltrated one of many elite academies across the U.S. The government has created these academies in order to train the youth for high end government positions in order to take over the world. MC must rise to the top in the Cube training grounds in order to be placed high up within the government so she can stop them in their takeover. It is not until her fourth and final year at the academy that her top-student status is threatened by the sudden arrival of Li, the new transfer student. MC is completely focused on her self-created mission until she gets sidetracked by Li, who might be bad news in more ways than which she bargained.

“Rachel is a writer with a strong head on her shoulders. This is evidenced by her presentation of the main character. MC has a purpose, that’s at odds with her school life. She doesn’t need friends, sneers at getting a crush on a guy, and is willing to vanquish her enemies. Travel with her as she explores the underside of the school, finds her hiding places and learns strategy while fighting with the other students at the Cube,” says Victoria Bastedo, author of Dear Miklos.

Rachel Barnard released a book of poetry, Wandering Imagination, early this year that is also available on Amazon in print and eBook format. For more information on either the author or Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, you can visit her website at

 Excerpt from the book:

I walked into the Cube, rubbing my hand absentmindedly where the scanner had touched it. I looked up. I saw the sky – a blue window that contrasted starkly to the grey material that made up the walls of the Cube. I went over and touched the nearest wall. It looked so solid yet yielded slightly to the touch. I pushed in with my finger and it gave a little more. I let up and it sprang back to its original dimensions. It was designed to slow a fast-moving body without breaking limbs.
“Looking for the secret pathways?” a voice joked behind me. I whipped around, pushing my hand into my pocket and putting a glare of contempt on my face.
“You know those don’t actually exist,” I hissed at the squat shoulders of Johnny, my arch-nemesis.
He laughed as if I was a child who had just discovered that fire was hot by burning my hand. I tried to raise on my heels a little to lessen the height difference between us. He was massive, over six feet tall and three straight years of weightlifting and physical training had increased his massiveness tenfold. His strength was impressive and our body-tight outfits magnified his bulk even more. He snorted at me and then walked off. I held in my snide comment and put my hand back on the wall and trailed my fingers along the coolness, making my way around the football-sized arena, waiting for the first bouts. After everyone checked in at the entrance, four-man teams would be formed at random and the first two teams would be announced. I knew that I would only have five minutes to find my teammates before becoming an easy target for Johnny and his gang.
I looked back up at the sky. A few clouds were strolling along and one had created a large shadow on one of the Cube’s walls. I felt like it had been ages since I checked in at the gate. Some of the fourth years were taking a long time getting here. I wondered if it was purposeful. Suddenly a gong sounded and the walls of the arena lit up in color. Orange ran along one half and a light blue that matched the sky ran along the other half. An outline of a bird appeared on the blue while a tree appeared on the orange background. I looked down at my chest. No bird and no tree. Phew. I had time. My suit was a glittery gold with a sun on the front. That’s going to be great for camouflage. I rolled my eyes. The field was full of colors and I squinted, looking for gold. Five minutes, I breathed to myself and took off. I had spotted a glimmer on the other end. Getting closer, I saw that the glimmer was from silver and not gold. Four minutes to go and not a single speck of gold on the field. I decided, as most of the other students had that it was time to vacate the playing field. Most students made their way to the platforms on the corners of the fields but I went right up to the nearest wall and put my hands into one of the slots and began to climb. Swiftly I made it to the third floor and came face to face with Jeanie. She was in a light tan suit; surrounded by two others dressed the same. She held out her hand, in a gesture of friendliness and I grabbed it. She helped me clamber over the wall.
“Thanks,” I breathed and then took off around a corner, not looking back.

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