New Release: Sunrise Meets the Star by Victoria Bastedo

Another brand new release by one of our FVP Featured Authors!

SUNRISE MEETS THE STAR pulls in the reader as irresistibly as its unsuspecting hero. This gently rendered journey of discovery is twined in humor and the unlikely relationship of clever and heartfelt characters. In the scene of contemporary culture it’s a shining treasure to find a good-natured, compelling adventure in which the sharpest thing is the author’s wit.” –Kennedy J. Quinn, author of SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD

Sunrise Meets the Star coverVerone’s life as a peasant was a lonely one until the strangers showed up at his door. They demanded he must come with them, to unravel a tangled Will and Testament that inexplicably bound him to the side of the stubborn, dark-headed young man, Antaries.

Submitting to their demands gave him a quest, although he wasn’t certain what the end result would be. As well as Antaries, the two hired guards, and the lawyer sent to oversee the complicated Will and Testament, he had to travel with another man that despised all peasants and was ready to sneer at him at every turn.

On the road they were threatened by thieves, attacked and arrested, struck by poisoners and a pretty young pickpocket.

But inside Verone was changing, for with the surprises of travel his heart contracted with an emotion he hadn’t allowed himself to feel for a long time. Hope. Was he destined to be a lonely peasant with nothing to look forward to but scraping his next meal into his stomach with calloused hands? Or would Antaries prove to be the friend he never expected to come his way? Would he even extend himself to save Verone’s life?

Find out more or purchase SUNRISE MEETS THE STAR.

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