Thanks to circles under streetlights for permission to Reblog this stirring story.

2 thoughts on “Johannes

  1. It is powerful, yet it is like so much of the fiction today. I feel it is incomplete and I have not read the ending because it does not exist. If Wilhelm could come and go, then so can the main character. Just waiting for someone to possibly return makes no sense to me. Yes, I tweeted.

    • Interesting response, Mari. I like these moments in story form we call flash fiction. You are right, they always have a feeling of fleeting characters, or at least they do for me as well. Nonetheless, I find it satisfying because it carries emotion and atmosphere, and I am left to fill in the rest in how it relates to my own world. If they are written well, they stay with me for much longer than it takes to read them.
      I liked this one because of the open ending. It reflected the vast open land that was in the photo which inspired the story, and I liked the wistful feeling that followed me, just as it seemed to follow the main character.
      To each their own, and that’s the beauty of creativity and the arts. 🙂 It’s certainly different than a fleshed out short-story with a full conclusion rather than just a turn of events.

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