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There’s still time… Release party for Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun. AFK Eatery Renton. Saturday, September 27th. Going on now. Join us!


Snoqualmie Valley Block Party Photos and Free Kindle Offers!

We had a great time at the Snoqualmie Valley Block Party yesterday. Here are some photos of the FVP authors who were at the booth, and some images showing the flavor of the event on The Ridge.

At One's Beast coverBarnardAlso, in connection with the Event, author, Rachel Barnard is offering free Kindle copies of her poetry collection Wandering Imagination and her new release YA Novel AT ONE’S BEAST. They will be free September 19-21st so hurry and get yours today!

Dawn of Steam Gods of the Sun coverAlso watch for the .99 Kindle sale on author Jeffrey Cook‘s DAWN OF STEAM: FIRST LIGHT from September 24-31st in celebration of the release of his new novel in the series, DAWN OF STEAM: GODS OF THE SUN. Get the reduced price 1st book to prepare for the 2nd, officially released at the party on September 27th!

Special Sneak Peek! Pre-release Purchase Opportunity for Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun

Dawn of Steam Gods of the Sun coverDAWN OF STEAM: GODS OF THE SUN, second book in the series, will be officially released at the Sept. 27th Party, but YOU CAN GET A COPY THIS WEEKEND! Be among the first to get it. Come to the FreeValley Publishing booth at the Snoqualmie Valley Block Party on Saturday, Sept. 20th 10-5.

Author, Jeffrey Cook will be on hand to meet you and sign your SNEAK PEAK PRE-RELEASE copy!

Here’s an excerpt from this most excellent Steampunk adventure:

From the journals of Gregory Conan Watts,

January 24th, 1816

New Orleans, 29º57’N 090º04’W
Hope and help came from an unexpected source. We had suffered through the first few checks by the soldiers loyal enough to Col. York to be entrusted with checking in on us, enough to gain some idea of their schedule. When we had been here for a time, and I had almost started my letter a dozen times, only to stop myself each time, Miss Penn finally risked whispering to Miss Coltrane. She suggested that she still had her bodice knife, and if Miss Coltrane could get to it, they might be able to cut their bonds.

There were multiple difficulties with this, of course. Not only getting to the small blade, but also that even freed, we were in no position to fight our way out of the room or make an attempt at escape with our comrades in danger or captured. Miss Coltrane reminded her of all of this, but it was eventually agreed that she should try to get free, and with some greater options than simply sitting, we might be able to assess our slightly expanded options. Though it would quickly become obvious if Eddy were freed, for example, the women could easily conceal their freed hands amidst their dresses, and without close scrutiny, no one just happening into the room on a check would notice. This left only a single difficulty now.

After some brief and uncomfortable discussion between the two, Miss Penn thrust her chest forward like the most wanton of women seeking attention, and Miss Coltrane, with much polite and ladylike cursing, shifted herself about in her bonds as much as she could and attempted to fish the knife out with her teeth. While I should very much like to say that I looked away, or at least that Eddy did, I am afraid that the truth is that it was quite impossible not to watch this unusual feat in the doing. Eventually, she succeeded somehow or other in producing the knife. She managed to drop it onto the bed and turn herself back about.

All Rights Reserved

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The Ruby Brooch – Book Review

This much acclaimed Time Travel Romance is a fun read…

THE RUBY BROOCH by Katherine Lowry Logan – Review by Sheri J. Kennedy aka  Kennedy J. Quinn

Ruby BroochThe writing quality and overall story deserve a five-star rating, but I gave it a four. The deduction of a star is due to a personal preference that might cause others to add a star. The author, Katherine Lowry Logan chooses to take every thread of the story to its bitter (or beautiful) end. This reader prefers a place of understanding showing the direction of conclusion rather than full explanation on some plot points, so I thought the book somewhat outlasted the story.

That being said, it was a rich journey well illustrated in words. Kit McKlenna’s character is complex enough to be captivating and raw enough to be a fully romantic woman. She’s inspiring and vulnerable, heroic and needy in just the right measures. Cullen Montgomery starts with the perfect name and continues to woo the reader with an excellent balance of masculine strength, educated tastes, wild passions and gentle understanding. The relationship between them rides the path of the west like a spirited stallion, taking great leaps and requiring meticulous care to thrive.

The time travel aspect of the plot has a well-traveled approach using a talisman as a vehicle, but there are some fun twists regarding its origin and purpose. Their slow revelations throughout the book add to the mystery and depth of the relationships.  This isn’t the type of time travel that should be inspected by science. There are some changes to history and the whole thing could unravel like a loose lasso if scrutinized too harshly. But the treatment has integrity enough to carry the romance and the beautifully conceived circle of time and march of MacKlenna generations.

The only serious dent in the time travel machine for this reader was the readiness of the 19th century characters to accept Kit and her technology as coming from the 21st century. Since romances are about relationships, this psychological stretch was harder to run with than the scientific issues. I recently read a statistic that in our present time we process more information in a week than 19th century minds did in a lifetime. Even Cullen who was educated would’ve had very little new information to adjust to and live with. To have such a drastic change in paradigms would have bucked them out of their psychological saddles.  The author does address it through Kit fearing they’ll think her a witch, but I think it would derail their journey together. I believe any acceptance would come hard, especially given my experience with the stubbornness of the progeny of those that survived covered wagon crossings that I have the pleasure to spring from. They were exceptionally slow to change, even in the 20th century when change was the norm.

I do understand that stopping to solve this acceptance issue would’ve made it a completely different story. So let’s set technicalities aside and enjoy the ride. It’s a good one. I was entertained and looked forward to reading the next part of the saga each night. I can heartily recommend it as a fiery romance and a great escape.

You can purchase THE RUBY BROOCH here

Find out more about Katherine Lowry Logan.

Free Book Giveaway! – YA Fantasy AT ONE’S BEAST

At One's Beast cover

Free Book Giveaway through 9/14/14- Young Adult Fantasy by Rachel Barnard

Rachel Barnard, a young author in the Seattle area released her newest young adult novel, AT ONE’S BEAST. The novel comes on the heels of the re-release of her debut novel, ATAXIA AND THE RAVINE OF LOST DREAMS (published March 25th, 2014)  which is also eligible as a Goodreads Giveaway here Until October 31st.

You are not required to review the book if you win a copy. However, Goodreads encourages you to do so, as it’s the reason the publishers gave Goodreads the books in the first place. People who review the books are also more likely to win more advance copies in the future.

Barnard began writing AT ONE’S BEAST last year during the Southern Cross Novel Challenge (SoCNoC – the Southern Hemisphere writing challenge mimicking the NaNoWriMo Challenge to write a 50k word novel in 30 days) in June. The next NaNoWriMo will happen this November, check out their website for more information.

AT ONE’S BEAST is about a village that creates a monster… Every girl and boy in the village of Frey fears the beast who lives in the forest. Ten years ago, the beast was formed from the town’s rage — and the evil that lurks inside all people in moments of weakness. Every year since, the townspeople have sacrificed one of their own to appease his anger. This year the sacrifice does not go as planned. A young man saves the chosen girl from fate. She is torn between doing her duty and untangling the identity of her savior and captor. The young man grew up with thoughts of revenge on the town that turned their backs on him, but when he is close to the girl, he is reminded of who he used to be. From once upon a time to happily ever after, the people of Frey will have to rally together to rid the town of evil once and for all, but in the process will they destroy everything that is good in their world?

“… a modern type of fairy tale that is hard to not finish in one sitting.” – D.R. Howey

“At times the book was dark to read, and yet I expect young people will sympathize with the difficulties that are perpetrated upon our main characters. By the end I had a difficult time putting the book down!” – Victoria Bastedo

“Rachel Barnard’s At One’s Beast is a compelling take on the original tale. The beast begins an innocent boy, infected with the scouring of other people’s hate. It’s a book that asks, what makes a person good or bad?” – Winney

To purchase At One’s Beast in print copy or for e-reader CLICK HEREPublication1

For more information on FVP Featured Author Rachel Barnard and her novels, you can visit her website at

FVP Authors’ Booth will be at Snoqualmie Valley Block Party!

Come and see FreeValley Publishing’s books on Saturday, September 20th! Our authors will be available to meet you and to sign books. The party is at Center Blvd SE, Snoqualmie, WA from 10-5. We hope to see you at this fun community event!

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