Special Sneak Peek! Pre-release Purchase Opportunity for Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun

Dawn of Steam Gods of the Sun coverDAWN OF STEAM: GODS OF THE SUN, second book in the series, will be officially released at the Sept. 27th Party, but YOU CAN GET A COPY THIS WEEKEND! Be among the first to get it. Come to the FreeValley Publishing booth at the Snoqualmie Valley Block Party on Saturday, Sept. 20th 10-5.

Author, Jeffrey Cook will be on hand to meet you and sign your SNEAK PEAK PRE-RELEASE copy!

Here’s an excerpt from this most excellent Steampunk adventure:

From the journals of Gregory Conan Watts,

January 24th, 1816

New Orleans, 29º57’N 090º04’W
Hope and help came from an unexpected source. We had suffered through the first few checks by the soldiers loyal enough to Col. York to be entrusted with checking in on us, enough to gain some idea of their schedule. When we had been here for a time, and I had almost started my letter a dozen times, only to stop myself each time, Miss Penn finally risked whispering to Miss Coltrane. She suggested that she still had her bodice knife, and if Miss Coltrane could get to it, they might be able to cut their bonds.

There were multiple difficulties with this, of course. Not only getting to the small blade, but also that even freed, we were in no position to fight our way out of the room or make an attempt at escape with our comrades in danger or captured. Miss Coltrane reminded her of all of this, but it was eventually agreed that she should try to get free, and with some greater options than simply sitting, we might be able to assess our slightly expanded options. Though it would quickly become obvious if Eddy were freed, for example, the women could easily conceal their freed hands amidst their dresses, and without close scrutiny, no one just happening into the room on a check would notice. This left only a single difficulty now.

After some brief and uncomfortable discussion between the two, Miss Penn thrust her chest forward like the most wanton of women seeking attention, and Miss Coltrane, with much polite and ladylike cursing, shifted herself about in her bonds as much as she could and attempted to fish the knife out with her teeth. While I should very much like to say that I looked away, or at least that Eddy did, I am afraid that the truth is that it was quite impossible not to watch this unusual feat in the doing. Eventually, she succeeded somehow or other in producing the knife. She managed to drop it onto the bed and turn herself back about.

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1 thought on “Special Sneak Peek! Pre-release Purchase Opportunity for Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun

  1. This will such a romp! I love Jeff Cook’s stuff. Steampunk atmosphere and adventures abound while the characters treat it as if it’s all day-to-day business.

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