An Itchy Hand, Short Stories – Book Review

This review is shared with us by Bronwyn Elsmore of Flaxroots Productions who features books of New Zealand – that is, written by Kiwi Authors. Thanks!


An Itchy Hand, Short Stories by Jean McDavitt as reviewed by Jemma Richardson

Itchy Hand Review


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2 thoughts on “An Itchy Hand, Short Stories – Book Review

  1. I agree, Mari. Although I also see what the reviewer is talking about in some stories I read. There are times when the story ends just when it is about to delve deeper. I like being left wistful and to bring my own conclusion, but in a whole collection from one author, I’d like them to take me all the way in and reveal their depths in some of the selections. Just because something is short doesn’t mean it should stop short of revelation. The best short shorts are brilliant at reaching the richer level in that tiny space.

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