Scene 01-29 Spoken Word Open Mic

FVP Featured Author, Kennedy J Quinn, shared an excerpt of SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD…

sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside

Tonight at Black Dog Arts Cafe’ I read an excerpt of my novel, Secret Order of the Overworld, starting in the middle of chapter six:

SOotO Front Cover FinalComing up over the edge, he turned around and sat back in awe. His view opened out over the trees, and he could see for miles. Streams and rivers of gold were weaving through the landscape. There was a system of lakes and, in the distance, a blurred strip of sea. From this perspective it seemed simple to search it all in a day. But today was coming to a close, and though he was now warm and dry, he knew that wouldn’t last without shelter for the night.

Turning to seek a nest, he all but bumped into a small, grey man. He was clad all in brown and looked so much like stone that Gabrell almost tapped him just to be sure…

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