Fantasy in Flight – Spotlight on New Novel by Kelly St. Clare

bestFANTASY IN FLIGHT is Book Two in The Tainted Accords by Kelly St. Clare. Upcoming Release!…Look for it on May 24th, 2015! Or you can pre-order on Amazon.

See the Sneak Peak Guest Spotlight Sci-fi YA snippet below….


Kelly, is a New Zealander who is now based in Australia. It is our pleasure to present this spotlight, and we thank Kelly for sharing this snippet with us!

Sneak Peak of Fantasy of Flight (The Tainted Accords: Book Two)

by Kelly St. Clare

His eyes are crazed as he swings his sword down on me. I parry the blow with crossed swords, but I’m still forced back several meters by the fury he puts into it. Every thrust I block or push aside makes my arms tremble. And his blows are as rapid as I remember. But his anger has taken away his calculation and calm.

He swings wildly and I dart beneath his guard, slicing his right thigh. He bellows and jabs his blade my way, catching my upper left arm.

We rain blows on each other in our deadly dance.

I cannot hear anything other than his breathing and I cannot sense anything other than his intentions.

I operate solely on instinct.

All Rights Reserved – by Kelly St. Clare

3You can also find Book One FANTASY OF FROST : The Tainted Accords on Amazon

Learn more about Kelly St. Clare and these books at or on her Facebook page

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5 thoughts on “Fantasy in Flight – Spotlight on New Novel by Kelly St. Clare

  1. This is a great cover, but since I don’t like to start on the second book, I just ordered the first book for my kindle! Maybe I’ll have read it by the 24th!

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