Scripting the Truth Front cover finalFreeValley is happy to host the final stop of T.A. Henry’s blog tour for her new release novel, SCRIPTING THE TRUTH. She shares an excerpt and then lets us into the life of a writer by answering  a quick interview. Check it out, and take a look at this entertaining read that’s carefully nestled in post WWII history. And if you are intrigued, you can find Scripting the Truth in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

First, the blurb: At loose end in post World War II London, Lady Margaret Leighton chances upon a movie poster showcasing the young soldier she gave her heart to while serving as a military nurse. Desperate to reconnect with him, she uses her wits and newly discovered writing muse to scheme her way into the movie studio where he is an actor. Molly is certain they will live happily ever after. And they just might… But first Molly has to figure out who she is and what she wants. Can she make this unexpected career work with the expectations of her elite family? She’ll try to do it all while trying to keep the seams on her stockings straight.

Halfway through that torturous process the phone rang. I could have left it for the one of the staff to answer but I was desperate to hear back from Lila.
“Lila. Thank god. This is turning out to be much harder than I thought. Please tell me you have secured me some help.”
With rancorous laughter she told me to be at her club for tea at five thirty that afternoon “and do not be late. Marlene is very aware of her own importance, in her mind, anyway. You should be as well.”
With a laugh and then an exclamation as to the time, I rang off. I dashed upstairs to my room to change into an appropriate outfit. I was halted by the sight of myself in the mirror over the wash stand. It appeared I had gotten carbon all over the side of my face while speaking with Lila. I sighed and rang for warm water. When it came I asked the house maid to order me a taxi.
I scrubbed myself vigorously and then applied extra powder to cover the blackish grey stain I could not quite get off the side of my face. Rummaging through my hats I looked for something I could wear to shield that side. In the back of my wardrobe, I found a cloche from the early thirties; I must have worn it to a costume party at some point with a flapper ensemble. It would do today since it pushed my hair forward covering the smudges. I grabbed a silky shirt dress and tried to straighten my stockings. How I longed for my trousers. Low heel lace up shoes and a swing coat completed the vaguely old fashioned look. Just enough that it nodded to a more playful time. Not as though I was a provincial miss.
My taxi was waiting as I rushed down the stairs. “The Savage Club, 1 Carlton House Terrace please.”
T.A. Henry is a Pacific Northwest transplant who loves it here. I am a stay at home mom who home schools her only kiddo. I hike, crochet, and yoga with all my spare time. LOL. I like to think I am funny. I hear I am a good friend. I think the secret to that is I have very little judgement.
by T.A. Henry, All Rights Reserved.
Why did you decide to self-publish?
It was easier than trying to run the gauntlet with a traditional house. Seems to be an increasingly popular choice.
How did you decide what site to self-publish through?
I followed the advice of those who had gone before me. I strongly suggest you find a writer’s group. All the help I got from mine is the only reason this book-baby is seeing the light of day. I agree it’s all about support. It’s the number one thing that can put you on the fast track.
Did you do anything unique to promote your book? What basic things did you do?
I blogged all about it. I talked many fellow bloggers into hosting a blog stop on their page for my virtual book tour. I made marketing post cards for dropping off everywhere. I got some friends to throw my book into their book clubs with the agreement I would do an author Q&A at the discussion. I plan to run some advertisements on Facebook closer to Christmas. Open to suggestions. LOL So suggestions FVP followers? We’d love to hear about your ideas and experience in comments. What works for you?…
Do you think self-publishing is giving up on being published by a someone else?
Not at all. I heard a webinar with the editor who published Roald Dahl and JK Rowling. He said essentially unless an agent or editor is going to add something substantial to the process don’t give away your money for the life the book to one. If I write something I think could gain by having an agent and editor, and I think you basically need an agent to get an editor, I’ll go out and find the one that wants my book. Until then I’ll move forward on my own. I would agree. Also, there’s an increasing trend of agents watching the self-publishing market to see what’s hot and approaching successful indie authors with offers. I hope this happens to you!
Do you have an author website or Facebook page? Can I follow you on Twitter? Where do I find your book?
I have a blog on wordpress. tahenryauthoress.wordpress.com
My book is available on Amazon in print on demand and kindle versions.
What one piece of advice would you give to a writer who is starting out?…To one who has a finished manuscript and is thinking of self-publishing?…To one who has self-published and is not sure how to market their new book?
Don’t tell anyone who isn’t supportive about your endeavors.
Go for it. All the responsibility means all the control. Total ownership.
Research your market. Look at other books similar to yours. See what those authors did. Tell everyone about your book now that it’s done. Wow. Thanks for the great advice and for being with us, T.A. All the best with your new book!

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