A Pleasurable Donation

FVP Donation Book BasketOur donation of books is ready for the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce Gala auction. It’s such a pleasure to donate to our community, and fun to see our books together in this new way. This basket is only about half of our available titles! We have certainly been busy the last couple years since our first publications in 2013. We hope these books bring much reading pleasure to the lucky bidder and the readers they choose to share them with!


2 thoughts on “A Pleasurable Donation

  1. Reblogged this on sherijkennedyriverside and commented:

    I was excited to donate my books SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD and LIKENESS. As I’m seeing so many people express they are discouraged on their NaNoWriMo progress, I thought it would be fun to share this photo since my two novels shown here were written during NaNoWriMo and are happily published and available on Amazon, as are several of the other books in the photo. Happy NaNoing! Just keep writing….There’s still time to finish!

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