Scripting the Truth-Free Kindle!

SCRIPTING THE TRUTH by T.A. HENRY  -Grab this one free while you have the chance, and thank the author by leaving a review on Amazon. 5 star review rating already, and it’s only the first day…5 days free…don’t miss out!

Scripting the Truth

“That was so fun! I wanted to stay in that world as long as I could. Picture Downton Abbey meets Doris Day.”

“I can’t even tell you how big a kick I got out of this book…Austen’s comedy of manners has been brought forward to the 40’s.”

“The dialog was quick and witty; very English. The characters were well developed and likable. This novel is an authentic portrait of post-war England. Overall, a fun, well-paced read.”

“This book is clever, fun and has the hint of deeper issues. A great read! ”


At loose end in post World War II London, Lady Margaret Leighton chances upon a movie poster showcasing the young soldier she gave her heart to while serving as a military nurse. Desperate to reconnect with him, she uses her wits and newly discovered writing muse to scheme her way into the movie studio where he is an actor. Molly is certain they will live happily ever after. And they just might… But first Molly has to figure out who she is and what she wants. Can she make this unexpected career work with the expectations of her elite family? She’ll try to do it all while trying to keep the seams on her stockings straight.


Gifts for Geeks 2015 in Photos

Thanks to authors, Jeffrey Cook and AJ Downey for inviting FVP’s authors Rachel Barnard, Sheri J. Kennedy and Kennedy J. Quinn to another fun and successful event at AFK Elixirs and Eatery in Renton.