Meet Us and Find Great Books at Norwescon

This weekend six of FVP’s authors will attend Norwescon, and you can find our books at Clockwork Dragon’s vendor booth. See you there!

FVP Norwescon authors 2016 T.A Henry – Scripting the Truth, Rachel Barnard – At One’s Beast & Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, Kennedy J. Quinn – Secret Order of the Overworld, Victoria Bastedo – Roots Entwine, Sheri J. Kennedy – Likeness, Jeffrey Cook – Dawn of Steam Trilogy, Fair Folk Chronicles


4 thoughts on “Meet Us and Find Great Books at Norwescon

    • Now that I’ve managed to fully open my eyes ( I think) back at work on this after-con Monday, I am clear that it was a fabulous weekend there. Thanks for your part in making it work out to be there for the whole shootin’ match. It was fun!

    • It was fun bumping into you in the halls Rachel. I hope you enjoyed the workshop as much as I enjoyed the panels. I came back very inspired creatively and with a few good tips to make my next publication even better. 🙂 See you on the 9th at St. James Espresso.

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