Writing Tips: Victoria Bastedo on Character Description

Describing a character can be a tricky business, especially if they are a main character and you want to get them just right. FVP Featured Author, Victoria Bastedo shares a tip:



3 thoughts on “Writing Tips: Victoria Bastedo on Character Description

  1. I find it better to describe them (to a certain extent) so the reader can feature them, but I do let the story illuminate their character, good or bad. I don’t like t to have an image of a main character and later find out they do not look that way at all. It may depend upon the genre also.

    • I agree if you’re going to eventually define something like hair color, eye color or size/shape etc., it’s good to get that out in the first scene with a character so you don’t end up with that image switching problem. But I like it best if none or maybe only one physical feature is defined and the character-building is more by mannerisms and actions/reactions. I definitely like Victoria’s point about not dumping everything at once as a list.

      • A list would be deadly. There are numerous ways of doing it depending on the scene. Perhaps it is each author exercising their voice.

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