Spotlight: Casondra Brewster & Gayll Morrison -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY

Pepper Allphin -Old Tree 300dpi VERY FINAL

Old Tree – by Pepper Allphin

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st. But you can hop on board here at FVP’s website in the next weeks to learn more about the Authors and Artists that were paired to create works for the project.


Casondra Brewster is a FVP Featured Author, and she was paired with Gayll Morrison. Gayll’s painting, from a historical photograph was complete before the pair connected on the project, but Casondra thought it caught the mood and was well in sync with her story theme. Both their works will be in the Anthology, but here’s a peek at some of Gayll’s other works and a snippet of Casondra’s Anthology story. Be sure to follow their links to more…





Find more of Gayll Morrison’s work at 


Dark Speculative Fiction – A young woman finds herself AT A LOSS when her train of thought careens through modern life and a state of ‘great collective trauma’.  By Casondra Brewster * Paired Artist: Gayll Morrison

Snippet from “At a Loss” by Casondra Brewster:

“Diane Osman. I have a one o’clock appointment with Dr. Case,” she looked around and there didn’t seem to be any other patients about.

“Oh,” the receptionist looked at her screen and then up at Diane, “Dr. Case isn’t seeing patients today. Are you sure your appointment was today?”

“I’m certain of it,” Diane said and looked at the clock on the wall above the receptionist’s head. It read 12:56 p.m. “I’m a little bit late, but still before my appointment time. I’m certain.”

“Alright, let me call someone; please have a seat in the yellow chair there, and I’ll call you shortly.”

A line of chairs stood watch behind Diane, against the wall that faced the receptionist’s desk. They boasted rainbow colors with a black chair in between all of them. A woman, a bit younger than herself, sat in the purple chair. Funny enough she wore a purple face mask. Diane had not seen her come in. She wasn’t there when I came in. Maybe she’s waiting for someone? Diane took her place in the yellow chair.

The thought she was forgetting something haunted her. But she was certain her OB/GYN appointment was right now. She dug through her purse, because she remembered asking for an appointment card. They were reluctant to give her one because of the virus epidemic. She remembered showing it to her husband. She put it in her calendar. She was certain. Where is that card?

The receptionist hung up the receiver. “Ms. Robles?” The woman in the purple chair got up. Diane watched and thought the woman looked familiar with dark hair and light eyes. The receptionist handed the woman some paperwork and the woman sat back down in the purple chair and began filling it out. She doesn’t look pregnant. Diane dallied in her recollection that she hadn’t looked pregnant the first time she came here either. She smiled at the woman, but the woman didn’t see Diane’s smile. She was focused on her paperwork. Read more…

Find more from Casondra at , Casondra Brewster Author Page and on her FVP Author Page

All Proceeds from the Anthology benefit non-profit Arts organization North Bend Art & Industry. Thanks for supporting the Arts!




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