Spotlight: Kennedy J. Quinn & Cameron Tower and Ellen Rowan -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY

Pepper Allphin -Old Tree 300dpi VERY FINAL

Old Tree – by Pepper Allphin

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st. But I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride here at FVP’s website learning about the Authors and Artists that were paired to create works for the project.

Kennedy J. Quinn is a FVP Featured Author, and she was paired with Cameron Tower & Ellen Rowan. Cam & Ellen collaborated on a metal sculpture fabricated from found and reclaimed pieces, and added some gauges and gears inspired by Kennedy’s writings. Both their works will be in the Anthology, but here’s a peek at some of Cam’s and Ellen’s other work and a snippet of Kennedy’s Anthology story. Be sure to follow their links to more…

Cameron Tower:

Ellen Rowan:

Find more of Cam’s work at c_tower_studios on Instagram and more from Ellen at zaellen on Instagram and Recaptivation on Facebook 


Mash-up of Speculative Fiction/Steam Era Time Travel – Thoughts run OFF THE RAILS into dementia and alternate reality. Love stories run parallel through tests of time. Can a steam train break through space-time into dimensions of the mind? Is it true, all you need is love?  By Sheri J. Kennedy & Kennedy J. Quinn * Paired Artists: Kristin Tetuán and Cameron Tower & Ellen Rowan

Snippet from “Off the Rails” by Kennedy J. Quinn (& Sheri J. Kennedy):

“Your grandmother,” he said to Marlene, “my dear Lizzie, told me often of the many other journeys she chose, but she always wondered if ours was meant to be? For though she’d used the stone amulets hoping to find me in 1941 on our momentous day, she at first had no success. My shop in Boston had changed, and I wasn’t in when she arrived. She left upset, and climbed aboard at the nearby station to ride the steam train home to 1910. When the train was moving, she contacted her gem and arrived at Snoqualmie Depot, as had happened before. But as she stepped off the train, toward the platform, her ankle turned on the steps and she fell and hit her head. She lost consciousness.”

“Was she alright?” Barry asked. Marlene took his hand this time, and he met her reassuring eyes.

“I was sitting here – right here – upon an evening, thinking and staring out the window into the light. I lost my train of thought, and there she was.  Read more…

Kennedy has a special note for fans: I know you’re waiting for Book III: Dreams Key, in the Miss LiV Adventures series, and I assure you, it’s on it’s way this Fall! But in the meanwhile… I have an EASTER EGG for those of you who have read (or want to read) Books I & II: In this Anthology’s story “Off the Rails,” what’s Mrs. Scott’s first name? DON’T SPOIL BY ANSWERING IN COMMENTS – BUT IF YOU SEND ME THE CORRECT ANSWER THROUGH THE CONTACT PAGE ON MISS LIV ADVENTURES, I’LL ENTER YOU INTO A DRAWING FOR A FREE SIGNED COPY OF BOOK III: DREAMS KEY! To be eligible, submit your answer before the release of Dreams Key later this Fall.

Find more from Kennedy at , Kennedy J. Quinn Author Page  @Kennedy J Quinn on Twitter, KennedyJQuinn on Facebook and on her FVP Author Page

All Proceeds from the Anthology benefit non-profit Arts organization North Bend Art & Industry. Thanks for supporting the Arts!




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