Spotlight: David S. Moore & Leslie Kreher -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY

Pepper Allphin -Old Tree 300dpi VERY FINAL

Old Tree – by Pepper Allphin

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st. And here’s more about the Authors and Artists that were paired to create works for the project.

David S. Moore is a FVP Featured Author, and he was paired with Leslie Kreher. Leslie planned to illustrate a steam train, and David agreed it was the perfect choice to connect with his historical train heist mystery. Both their works will be in the Anthology, but here’s a peek at some of Leslie’s other work and a snippet of David’s Anthology story. Be sure to follow their links to more…

Leslie Kreher:

Find more of Leslie’s work at Leslie Kreher Art on Facebook


Mystery – A tale of a mysterious gold heist follows a lost train of the past into the forests of the Pacific Northwest to find THE SHANGHAIED TRAIN.  By David S. Moore * Paired Artist: Leslie Kreher

Snippet of “The Shanghaied Train” by David S. Moore:

Later that evening Jason flopped onto the bed of his motel room and reviewed the day’s results. Clive Wooten repeated almost verbatim the story he’d heard from a hundred other narrators. The brothers Jackson, operators of The Hidden Treasure Mine, sold some gold to the U.S. government during World War II. The news reports he’d read over the years said they sold the equivalent of about ten bars of gold. On the open market that would have been worth more than $2 million at the time. But because the Gold Reserve Act was in force the Government would only pay $35 an ounce, making their entire shipment worth less than $150,000. So they hijacked the train onto which the gold had been loaded, and drove it west in a snowstorm to Washington State. They turned south on a freight line – that was chiefly used for logging – to head south toward San Francisco. From there they planned to ship it to a buyer somewhere in China.

But something went wrong. The snow forced them to pull off onto a spur somewhere in the forests. Or they tried to hide from the feds by following an old line deep into the woods and eventually froze to death. Or a band of marauding Sasquatch boarded the train and carried them off deep into the forest to be served as the main course of a tribal feast.

But that was only part of the story.Read more…

Find more from David at and on his FVP Author Page

All Proceeds from the Anthology benefit non-profit Arts organization North Bend Art & Industry. Thanks for supporting the Arts!




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