New Release – David S. Moore’s Mind Space series

Mind Space Series CoversThe series is complete at last! FVP Featured Author David S. Moore’s Mind Space. The five books are available on Amazon

The Martyrs update coverMind Space Book One: The Martyrs. The Mind Shield is a medical marvel.When Dr. Mathew Henderson’s mother is incapacitated by a stroke and dies on her kitchen floor two days later, he imagines an implanted device that can monitor the health of the host’s brain and issue alerts when medical problems arise. When the product– the Mind Shield– is finally released to market, Dr. Henderson assures the media that its purpose is purely to monitor the brain.But he lied.After two years of blistering sales the Mind Shield’s mind influencing features are switched on.A resistance movement is organized to combat the Mind Shield.Dr. Ralph Orville first realizes that the Mind Shield is a threat to personal freedom when he removes a bullet from the brain of a gunshot victim– and destroys the patient’s Mind Shield in the process. The patient’s agonized withdrawal from the device’s conditioning convinces Dr. Orville that he must fight the Mind Shield with every ounce of his strength.

Restoration cover updateMind Space Book Two: Restoration The Mind Shield Command Center has been destroyed, and customers have removed their implants at a frenetic rate. Dr. Mathew Henderson of Jaimeson-Cale, the manufacturer of the Mind Shield, is told by his board of directors that he had better improve sales or he will be out of a job. And now a new threat appears– competition. Another organization is marketing a device named Limbic Freedom that threatens to outsell the Mind Shield. If he doesn’t do something drastic soon, the vision of Mind Space may be lost forever…


Mind Space cover updateMind Space Book Three: Mind Space Sales of the Mind Shield are back on track. At the present rate the percent of adults in the global population who have a Mind Shield will reach saturation at precisely the right moment and then Mind Space can finally be enabled! But there is still a threat. Limbic Freedom is still finding its way into the marketplace. And there are a steady number of Mind Shield hosts who have their devices removed every year.Is the resistance still thriving? The Defenders Of The True will need to discover who is responsible for combating the Mind Shield, and to learn how to defeat them.


First Colonies coverMind Space Book 4: First Colonies. Mind Space was finally enabled on March 26, 2084, exactly as predicted decades earlier. Now in the aftermath it is time to assess what went wrong. Who is to blame, and what should the government do about it? The vacuum created by Mind Space has opened new possibilities for Limbic Freedom. Peter Hanley envisions a company that can compete in the open, head-to-head against Jaimeson-Cale. And one day the reborn Limbic Freedom may very well rule the world.



Mars coverMind Space Book Five: Mars. Ryan Adams is now President of the United States, and he is also President of the Galactic Assembly. He has been using hidden messages in all of his speeches, public appearances, and advertisements to convince the people of the world that he is a great leader. He claims to have founded several colonies on planets in nearby star systems. The leaders of Limbic World think that he is attempting to become a worldwide dictator. He wants to convert everyone on the planet to the Version X Mind Shield. He has imprisoned people who do not have a Mind Shield. And he is appropriating funds for his own use.What can be done to derail the President’s plans? Is there any hope that the Version X juggernaut can be stopped?


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