Spotlight: Jeffrey Cook & Lesia Tiongson -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY

Pepper Allphin -Old Tree 300dpi VERY FINAL

Old Tree – by Pepper Allphin

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st. Just a couple more posts about the Authors and Artists that were paired to create works for the project…

Jeffrey Cook is a FVP Featured Author, and he was paired with Lesia Tiongson. Jeffrey’s story of tales told in an abandoned rail car inspired Lesia to add ghosts into her mosaic on stone of a train in the moonlight. The resulting artwork and story are captivating! Both their works will be in the Anthology, but here’s a peek at some of Lesia’s other work and a snippet of Jeffrey’s Anthology story. Be sure to follow their links to more…

Lesia Tiongson:

Find more of Lesia’s work at PNW Mosaics by Lesia on Facebook


Young Adult Fiction – An old train lost on an abandoned stretch of tracks inspires teens to imagine haunting train whistles in the night and other RAILWAY TALES.  By Jeffrey Cook * Paired Artist: Lesia Tiongson

Snippet of “Railway Tales” by Jeffrey Cook:

Angie settled back into her usual pace. She kept an eye on them, making sure Riley’s wandering, or Cam’s daredevil moments didn’t get them in too much trouble. But she let the girls choose the course and fell into step again each time the group moved forward.

Just as Emma called for a break, Riley – who had wandered ahead again – stopped just around a bend. “Whoa!”

“What is it?” called the out-of-breath Emma. She picked up her pace, trying to catch up.

“You guys have got to come see this!”

When they rounded a dense collection of trees, the group spotted the trio of old train cars Riley had found, all as worn down as the train tracks. Rusted links still hooked them together – the cars decorated in badly faded and chipped graffiti, plant growth, dirt, and the general weight of time.

“Neat!” said Cam and Emma in unison, exchanging a grin at the perfect timing.

“Just a minute, girls…” Angie dug a flashlight out of her hiking pack and moved closer. “Hello…hello,” she called out. When there was no answer, she used the light to check under, around, and finally inside the cars that were open. The only residents turned out to be squirrels, so she waved the girls over. “You can look around. Just be careful, okay?”

The trio dashed in and investigated the train cars...Read more…

Find more from Jeffrey at, on Twitter @jeffreycook74 , under Jeffrey Cook on Amazon, and on his FVP Author Page

All Proceeds from the Anthology benefit non-profit Arts organization North Bend Art & Industry. Thanks for supporting the Arts!




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