Snoqualmie Falls in Evening Sunlight

FVP Books – Where Stories Run Free… FreeValley Publishing connects readers and writers. We aid independent authors in the journey from Story to Publication and in Sharing their Books the way they’ve always imagined. Stories for all!

FreeValley Publishing was formed in the spirit of an arts co-op. A group of writers affiliated with SnoValley Writes! were working toward publishing and marketing our own books. While sharing experience and ideas, we realized there was much to be gained by moving forward together.

You can find our FVP Books Featured Authors often at various festivals and other live and online events interacting with our readers and community. Check freevalleypublishing.com for the latest news, event schedule and writing tips from our authors and other writers we support.

Our success is sharing our stories with you. Feel free to linger in the Valley and read awhile…

We would love to hear from you. Please Contact Us.

All Content on FreeValley Publishing belongs to the authors and photographers who originated the works and is not to be used or reproduced without permission. All rights reserved.

All photo images by Sheri J. Kennedy unless otherwise credited.

FreeValley is an open forum with a site rating of PG. We will strive to allow all comments and expression but will remove posts or comments if they are not within our rating or if we consider them to be negative for the community of FreeValley Publishing and our readers, at our discretion. We will also remove links to products, articles or sites that are added by anyone other than our editor if they are considered unrelated to our interests or inappropriate for the community here, at our discretion.

We encourage authors to express themselves freely in their own works and marketing, and we have no say and give no guarantee on content of books or products that are referenced on this site or on the character or behavior of authors that are featured, who’s works are posted or re-blogged on the site. 

Sheri J. Kennedy, Editor

Sheri J. Kennedy is a.k.a. Kennedy J. Quinn


8 thoughts on “About

  1. This is something special. I just read through every one’s piece, and like a journey down a secret road I found something intriguing, something creepy, (this happens a lot amongst the peculiar plant life that can tuck beside the trail), and exciting. Here where it is quiet, one can ruminate. Beauty is a gift given and writers bring forth the heart. Thank you, FreeValley Publishing, for supporting us!

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