The Lost Train – Release September 1st

FVP Anthology-THE LOST TRAIN CoverThe train is almost here! We’re so excited to present this Anthology in cooperation with Artists from North Bend Art & IndustryAvailable on Amazon. 

The project rallied artists to work together online while isolated during the lockdown and continues to support and inspire them through this time of social separation and change. They are excited to share these 7 stories and 10 artworks to encourage and entertain the community around them.

There will be posts about the Authors, Artists, stories and artworks posted here on FVP over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. Learn more about it now…

Our New FVP Anthology Coming Soon!

FVP Anthology-THE LOST TRAIN CoverI’m so excited to reveal the Cover for our new FVP Anthology – THE LOST TRAIN!

Eight of our Authors have been working hard in cooperation with nine Artists from North Bend Art & Industry on this themed publication. There are seven stories of various genres from a Children’s story to dark Speculative Fiction. Plenty of mystery, whimsy and heartwarming moments too. Watch for it in August. Pre-order date will be announced soon! All profits benefit NBA&I community Arts development projects.

Midnight or Something Darker

Have you got your copy of Jeffrey Cook’s latest book in the Gothcraft Series? GET IT NOW

Midnight or Darker Cover

The first step is admitting you have a magic ring problem.

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Rae Schwarz is expected at her *ancestral* home, with its dark luxury, fairy-tale grandeur, and centralizing obsession. Fortunately, she’s a better witch than ever, and with people she can count on.
But will Rae be able to keep her head on straight, faced with everything she ever wanted? Addictions, after all, can run in families, even magical families.

Midnight or Something Darker concludes the story told in You’re Not a Real Goth Until You Sack Rome and SPF 1066.

Beyond the Witherstream

image AREK SOCHA, Pixabay
Looking for an entertaining Free read? How about a Star Trek Novel… Beyond the Witherstream by FVP Featured Author, David S. Moore is available HERE. Enjoy!
Here’s a quick review, followed by the beginning of the story:  (Note, the excerpt skips a prologue chapter.)
Beyond the Witherstream is a classy, thoroughly written bit of Sci-Fi. The Witherstream itself is a unique concept, lyrically-developed, yet it fits in the Science Fiction genre. The world of Star Trek expands to include other ships, new worlds to see, and scientific conundrums deeper than I can understand, yet explained in detail by the obviously intelligent, author. I enjoyed reading this tale/adventure story, told in the grandiose tradition of Star Trek!”
-Victoria Bastedo, Author
Beyond the Witherstream:
Engineer Theresa Mathers stared blankly at her monitor and wondered
when the geniuses in charge of this project were finally going to realize that
Sector 140459258 was the most boring region of the entire Alpha Quadrant.
Sixty-six days she had spent on a tiny research vessel no bigger than a Holosuite
with three of the most aggravating personalities ever assembled in a single crew.
Their esteemed leader was none other than Captain Harding– the absolute
quintessence of an Alliance stuffed shirt who thought far too highly of his talents
as a research vessel captain.
Actually, she thought him rather cute at first– that thin little mustache of
his and his black hair and dark, dark eyes. She thought he looked rather dashing
in a rather grim, determined sort of way. Single, too, she noticed, with more than
a little interest. And he did seem so very considerate. He took her to lunch on
the second day of their two weeks of briefing on Starbase Nurana.
“You have the most lovely eyes,” he said.
For a moment she was too stunned to reply. “Why that’s so sweet of you
to say!”
“And listen, if you need any help with the material we’ve been covering in
our briefings, I’d be more than happy to render my assistance.”
“Well thank you Captain– that’s very thoughtful of you. I will definitely
consider it.”
For a microsend, maybe– but no more. Theresa was absolutely certain
that she did not need his assistance with any of the materials. In fact Theresa
had excelled at the Alliance Academy. In fact Theresa was an expert on virtually
every type of known and unknown phenomena that they might reasonably be
expected to encounter on the most boring expedition in Alliance history. No, very
certainly she did not need any help from Captain Harding on any of the subjects
that had been covered.
Still, she found herself thinking that someone at Alliance Command must
have thought he had talent. He was a Lieutenant only six months earlier and
now he was to captain this, the Rim Quest, the first of a new type of research
vessel on its maiden voyage! And they were to explore uncharted regions of the
Rim, the borders of Alliance space. It all seemed so very exciting until, on their
first day out, Captain Harding assembled the three of them in the mess hall and
informed them that he would be in charge of every aspect of the mission, from
setting the course to determining how their research data should be gathered.
And true to his word, Harding took every opportunity to foul up the entire mission
with his tedious, picayune pronouncements on the proper observation of every
minuscule procedure in the entire Alliance rulebook.
It didn’t take long for her to transfer her romantic interests back to the
mysterious, misunderstood detective Swain whose latest adventure, Swain
Spurned, had entertained millions from Goridon to Mindos IV. Besides, Harding
quickly developed an interest in Vena Tularea, Engineer and obedient sycophant
of his every decree– and most recently an occasional late night visitor to his
quarters. Wasn’t she just a wee bit jealous of Vena? Well, perhaps. READ MORE…

February Already?

January flew by without our usual recap of the prior year. Here are a few photos from our Holiday sales events. We attended a new one this year at The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ in Snoqualmie and returned to the Si View Holiday Bazaar. It was fun to get out in the community, and we want to thank so many of you for supporting local authors this year. I hope you enjoy the stories and books you found from us!

FVP is having our annual meeting soon, and we’ll be announcing 2020 Featured Authors and adding some updates on newly released books. We’ll also be posting the events we plan to attend this year. So stay tuned!


Terrible Poetry Reprise for Burning Cat

Sheri's Giant Gingebread Man 2017FVP Books or at least some of our featured authors are hoping to be part of @BurningCatCon in Portland in May 2020. As part of our quest for a table, I’m sending this digital offering to Catleesi, the massive Cat Sculpture that will preside over the event. #BurningCat Fitting to the season, here’s a reprise of my entry into a Holiday Terrible Poetry contest run by blogger, Chelsea Owens. I didn’t win since the rhyme and rhythm was critiqued as ‘too good,’ but I’m hoping it’s also good for a laugh. Hohoho…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the office

The peeps were all fluey and all full of coughses

Their eyes hung in bags with bulging lids droopy

Their answers to emails were all nincompoopy

They swallowed more syrup and dreamed of their beds

While blurred visions of monitors multiplied in their heads

The holiday was coming, they leaned upon that

While doing their darndest not to barf in their hats

A bottle of OJ, another pain pill

They pushed around paper, just an hour to kill

Away to the door they stumbled in stupors

A stop at the party and boy were they poopers

At last up their driveways they wove their way home.

And fell in their beddi-byes to spend Christmas alone.

-by Sheri J. Kennedy, yes that’s the entity All Rights Reserved (though hardly deserved)


Come and See Us at the Bazaar!

Si View Bazaar 2019We’ll have a booth with all of our books at the Si View Holiday Bazaar in North Bend, WA on Saturday, December 7th…That’s tomorrow! Hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm

Address is 400 SE Orchard Drive, North Bend, WA 98045

Meet Victoria Bastedo 9:00-10:30, Rachel Barnard 10:30-1:30, David S. Moore 1:30-4:00 and Sheri J. Kennedy and Kennedy J. Quinn from 9:00-4:00.

This is always a great show with tons of well-made, creative gifts for all ages. Nothing can be manufactured or imported, so it’s the real makers out in all their glory. Come and support local artists and artisans and find excellent and unique gifts for those you love!

Rare Honor for Indie – Victoria Bastedo Featured in Kirkus Reviews

Mini-Droids And TeaCleanCover3Congratulations to FVP Featured Author Victoria Bastedo. She solicited Kirkus for an Indie Review but was surprised and delighted to learn that they freely chose to also Feature her book, Mini-Droids and Tea, A Seattle Romance, in the July 1 2019 Kirkus Reviews Magazine – page 174! It’s a wonderful review and we’re so proud of Victoria. She’s a diligent and prolific author – not to mention fun to read – and FVP agrees this is a well-deserved honor. Check out and purchase Mini-Droids and Tea with it’s Newly Released Updated Cover HERE!

You can read the Kirkus Review of this delightfully fun read, below…


Victoria Bastedo Kirkus Review Magazine Feature p.174 July 2019Kirkus Review Cover July 2019

Spotlight with an Edge: Tammy Ruggle’s Starsky and Hutch Next Gen

STARSKY AND HUTCH NEXT GENAuthor, Tammy Ruggles sent in an Excerpt to share with readers here at FVP. We’re happy to Spotlight her and other Indie Authors who submit excerpts or short stories to us! Here’s a bit about Tammy and her edgy Starsky & Hutch Next Gen Series:

Some of Tammy’s writing credits include Writer’s Digest, Disney’s Family Fun,, The Good News Network, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Vox, TheMailOnline, American Profile, Newsmax,The Independent Journal, Country Living, House Beautiful, A Cup of Comfort, AOL Rise, and numerous literary journals, photography publications, and art magazines.

Starsky & Hutch Next Gen Series (Each episode is a transformative work that contains no characters from the original TV series Starsky and Hutch, and is not endorsed or associated with Sony Pictures Television, Warner Brothers, or other rights holders).


Not only are Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson young, single detectives with the Bay City Police Department in California, they’re brothers only a year apart, as they share the same mother, who died in an auto accident when the boys were young teenagers.

Other characters in Starsky & Hutch Next Gen include Captain Shaw (female superior), Tasha Brown (Huggy’s daughter), her boyfriend Tony (Phys Ed teacher), Mo (Davis and Kent’s snitch and psychic friend who runs a grungy gym), and Lucky (Davis and Kent’s hooker friend trying to go clean).

Davis drives a black Mustang with twin white stripes running down the hood, and Kent drives a white Audi.

Excerpt from Starsky and Hutch Next Gen:

On their way to the Audi, Kent’s phone buzzed in his pocket.


“Kent, my mom was in a car accident and she’s in the hospital.”

Although the voice sounded nasal and weak from crying, Kent recognized the voice of Rico Menendez. “The welfare lady said I could call you. She—my mom. I think she might die.”

“Are you at Bay City Hospital?”


“Sit tight. I’ll be right there.”

“Kent, I’m scared.”

“I know, buddy. I’m on my way.”

Kent hung up the phone, said “See you later” to Mo, then tried to call Lucky, but she wasn’t answering.

He texted her ^Maria and Rico at hospital. Are you sick? Worried about you. Call back^ as they got into the Audi and left Mo’s gym.


Rico’s mother, Maria Menendez, was in ICU.

Rico sat in the hall with a caseworker, who had her arm around his shoulder and was speaking gently to him.

When the boy heard the sound of the elevator, he looked up, saw Kent, then ran to him as hard as he could, slamming into him and bursting into tears.

Kent caught him and rubbed his back.

“I’m sorry, buddy.”

“Me too,” Davis said.

The child welfare worker walked toward them.

“I’m Althea Jones. I know his father is incarcerated, but are there any other relatives we should contact? Grandparents? Aunts or uncles?”

“No, Ma’am,” Kent replied to the older woman as he shook her hand. “I’m Detective Hutchinson. This is my partner and brother Davis Starsky. I’ve known Rico a few years now. We were paired in the BCPD Mentor program. He and his mother live next door to me.”

Davis took some money from his wallet and handed it to Rico. “Let’s go get somethin’ to eat so Kent and the lady can talk, huh?”

Rico looked reluctant to leave, but Kent ruffled the boy’s hair.

“Go ahead. I’ll be right here when you get back.”

The boy nodded and went with Davis down the hall.

Althea looked at Kent, and they were joined by Mrs. Menendez’ doctor.

“It isn’t looking good for her,” the doctor said. “She’s suffered multiple injuries, some of them internal. If we can’t get the swelling in her brain down…we’ll know in the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.”

Kent nodded.

When the doctor left, Althea said, “Mr. Hutchinson, if she doesn’t make it, and if there are indeed no other relatives, the boy will need to be placed in foster care. At least until his father serves out his sentence, which is, I think in about six months.”

“No foster care,” Kent said calmly. “As long as I’m around, he’ll always have a home . I’ll be his legal guardian. It’s a matter of paperwork, and I can get that in place when she…I mean if she…”

“We’ll need to do a home evaluation, just as a formality. Like you said, it’s all about the paperwork.”

He nodded. “I may have to arrange a sitter for after school and when I have to work odd hours, but that shouldn’t be a problem.”

She smiled warmly and placed her hand on his arm.

“They’re lucky to have you in their lives.”

“No,” Kent said smiling a little. “I’m the lucky one to have them in mine.”

She nodded, then turned with a small smile when she heard the door at the end of the hall opening and saw Davis coming back with the boy.

“Come on,” Kent said putting a hand on Rico’s shoulder. “Let’s visit you mom, huh?”


Rico’s mother looked nothing like her usual pretty self, but her little boy didn’t seem to notice or mind when he put his hand over hers.

“Mom, it’s me. Please wake up. I miss you.”

Kent placed his hand over both of theirs, blinking back tears.

“Maria, I’m here for you, and Rico. I’ll take good care of him for as long as you need me to.”

Rico looked at the machines and monitors surrounding his mother’s bed, and the wires and tubes attached to her body.

“Is that one for her heart, Kent?”

“Yes,” he said softly, ever the mentor. “And this one’s called a pulse oximeter, and it tells how much oxygen is in her blood. And this one is for her blood pressure. And this is a ventilator, which helps her breathe. And then you have this wire here, which is like a little alarm that lets the doctors and nurses know if something goes wrong. This tube here is called an IV, and it gives her nutrition and medicine.”

Rico didn’t say anything, he just took it in. Kent decided that it was better for the boy to have too much information than not enough.

“Kent, can we sit and wait with her?”

“Sure, buddy. Let’s send Davis on his way, then we’ll stay here for as long as you want.”


Davis called Captain Shaw to tell her what was going on, and Shaw gave both of them the rest of the day off. Since it was Friday, they’d have Saturday and Sunday off as well.

“Thanks, Cap. See you on Monday.”


Davis stopped by Lucky’s shop to check on her as Kent asked, but the assistant manager said she left without saying where she was going. He also drove past Kent’s house, hoping to find her car there, but there was no sign of it.

This left Davis heading for Chief’s Tavern for an early lunch, where he took a stool at the bar.

The Native American smiled as he approached him at the counter.

“Davis!” he said as he set a cold root beer in front of him. “It’s been a while. Where’s your fair-feathered friend?”

“Hospital with Rico’s mother. She was in a serious car crash this morning.”

Chief was quiet a moment, then said, “Sorry to hear that. She seems like a nice young lady.”

“She is,” Davis said taking a drink. “But, according to the caseworker, if she doesn’t make it, Kent is about to become the kid’s legal guardian.”

Chief gave a thumb’s up. “Sounds tricky. But do-able.”

“Man, I feel for Rico. His dad isn’t around to help him through it. Kind of a loser.”

“He has Kent, though. Can’t get much better than that.”

“Yeah. One thing about my brother. He walks the walk.”

By Tammy Ruggles, All Rights Reserved

You can find more about Tammy and her works at the links below…

Note…Here’s the Edge to this spotlight: Tammy sent FVP a PG rated excerpt, as we asked, but she says about the full length material: It’s a very strong R rating, but not X. It’s mostly the subject matter of crime and victimization (domestic violence, rape, murder, etc), so it needs a strong R rating and may not be right for those under 18.

Get Starsky and Hutch Next Gen on Kindle at Amazon:    

Tammy’s Bio:

Starsky and Hutch Gen book’s Facebook page:
Starsky and Hutch Gen book trailer at YouTube

Norwescon is Back and so are We!

FVP won’t officially be at Norwescon, but being Independent Authors… several of our Authors will be at an FVP branded table on Writer’s Row and at the Clockwork Dragon branded table in the Dealer’s Room. Come and see us April 18th-21st!

Norwescon 42What can you do at Norwescon? They briefly describe it like this: No matter your age or interest, Norwescon strives to make sure there is always something appealing to do over the four days of the convention. Our programming department schedules hundreds of hours of panel programming covering a myriad of subjects. Whether you’re looking for writer’s workshops, costuming tips, artistic creativity, musical concerts, or deep dives into any number of science fiction, fantasy and science topics, you’ll find it here! Learn more HERE!

Here’s a sneak peek at the conference Writer’s Row offerings from Rachel Barnard, Kennedy J Quinn, Victoria Bastedo and Sheri J Kennedy.

And stop by the Dealer’s Room to see Jeffrey Cook with Clockwork Dragon.

Clockwork Dragon