David S. Moore

FVP David S Moore portrait author photo cropped retouchedDavid S. Moore is a software architect who lives in North Bend and works in Bellevue Washington.  He has written a number of novels in both literary and science fiction genres, and he has written a work of non-fiction, The Reverent Atheist.






Mind Space, Vol. 1 Conspiracy, Book 1 THE MARTYRS











The Mind Shield is a medical marvel.

When Dr. Matthew Henderson’s mother is incapacitated by a stroke and dies on her kitchen floor 2 days later, he imagines an implanted device that can monitor the health of the host’s brain and issue alerts when medical problems arise. When the product- the Mind Shield- is finally released to market, Dr. Henderson assures the media that its purpose is purely to monitor the brain.

But he lied.

After two years of blistering sales the Mind Shield’s mind influencing features are switched on.
A resistance movement is organized to combat the Mind Shield.

Dr. Ralph Orville first realizes that the Mind Shield is a threat to personal freedom when he removes a bullet from the brain of a gunshot victim- and destroys the patient’s Mind Shield in the process. The patient’s agonized withdrawal from the device’s conditioning convinces Dr. Orville that he must fight the Mind Shield with every ounce of his energy.

Mind Space, Vol. 1 Conspiracy, Book 2  RESTORATION











Mind Space, Vol. 1 Conspiracy, Book 3 MIND SPACEMind Space










The Reverent Athiest cover







Is there a type of knowledge that is only available through religion? If such knowledge exists, is it certain to be true? Is there a realm of religious experience that is more real than trees or buildings or stars or whales? Is religious truth acquired through personal experience, revelation, contemplation, or written scriptures? What is the risk to one’s immortal soul of denying the existence or reality of God? Is it meaningful for an atheist to claim to believe in God, or is that simply a logical impossibility? What are the benefits of religion, and what would life be like without them? How is it possible to know which behaviors are morally correct without direct knowledge of God’s commandments? These and other questions concerning religious truth and knowledge are explored in The Reverent Atheist.




Image of David S. Moore by unknown photographer

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