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kennedy-j-quinn-author-photo-colorKENNEDY J. QUINN is an adventurer who loves to weave images gathered on life’s travels into artworks and mosaics of words. She has written seven novels and lives with her husband in North Bend, Washington on the banks of the Snoqualmie River. She is a.k.a. Sheri J. Kennedy.

Background: KJQ/SJK has a B.A. degree in Humanities with a concentration in Philosophy, minor in English Literature and minor in Communications. She also studied Creative Writing and Visual Arts, spent 18 years in the Picture Framing Industry and owned a Framing Gallery in downtown Seattle. She has edited an Arts Guild Newsletter for 7 years and was a Radio DJ in University. She’s been a Volunteer and Board Member in Community and Arts organizations and is proud to Create and Maintain the Website and Spearhead Events for FreeValley Publishing.



THE UNWITTING JOURNEYS OF THE WITTY MISS LIVINGSTONE – BOOK I: JOURNEY KEY Book I of Miss LiV Adventures series – A Journey Through Time…and Time Again


A Journey Through Time…and Time Again
Peeking into Mr. Thomas Worthington’s Most Excellent Bookshop, Miss Livingstone is knocked bustle over teakettle by his ominous partner, Mr. Manush. She stumbles into an enthralling mystery of time-traveling stone amulets hidden in a curious cabinet at the back of the shop. Thrown thirty years into the future she’s captivated by the older Mr. Worthington in 1941. The gentleman is intriguing in any decade. When timelines tangle in an imposing twist of fate, she enlists the help of her best friend Janie and soon finds a key – a magical one! A gypsy’s gift in Paris sends her flying on a dirigible in 1815, and spinning further back in time with Mr. Manush in perilous pursuit. Collecting books on her remarkable journeys, the inquisitive Miss Livingstone uncovers mysteries of life and love. And she always takes the steam train home.
A Journey Through Time…and Time Again
Mastering the mysterious stone amulets would be prize enough for anyone ordinary, but the impetuous Miss Livingstone’s curiosity has merely been piqued. Has Mr. Thomas’ twist undone them? Stepping into the future, she discovers she wasn’t designed to settle for cozy contentment. How can she resist the temptation to see what once was? Especially when the Memory key falls into her hands, and she falls into the eager arms of the dashing Mr. Scott Worthington. Unwittingly, history repeats, with alternate antics and a close shave aboard a Napoleonic dirigible. Has she left her dear Janie behind? The dreaded Mr. Manush makes flashy appearances on the heels of an unknown future-girl. And the inquisitive Miss Livingstone is drawn into another mystery of life and love, tangling her past and future….And she always takes the steam train home.
Miss LiV Adventures is a five book series that follows the Unwitting Journeys of the infinitely curious Miss Livingstone through time. Collecting books for Mr. Thomas Worthington, she becomes tangled in life and love as she learns of her relationships with Mr. Scott Worthington and Mr. Thomas in alternate timelines. Further complexities unfold with family and friends, as she finds keys to her ultimate choice of which life to live. All while being chased by the powerful family of the mysterious Mr. Manush.

Front Cover white spine CreateSpace version









Free-flowing Stories – Anthology (Editor, Short-story and photos included)

Anthology 2014 final cover front









Recent Artworks:

Only Human – A series of drawings that study human emotion

Only Human







THE Companion BOOK – Multi-media illustrations and excerpts from Short Story Collection Essence Churning by Sheri J. Kennedy

Companion Book









My Life from a Yellow Submarine – This link shows photos and gives explanation of work in progress to completion on this fold-out drawing and collage’ with ’70’s feel and autobiographical theme.

Yellow Sub in progress 

Find Kennedy J. Quinn a.k.a. Sheri J. Kennedy online:

Facebook Kennedy J. Quinn Author Page

Twitter @KennedyJQuinn

Facebook Secret Order of the Overworld Book Page

Sheri J Kennedy’s LinkedIn Profile

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