Rachel Barnard

Rachel Barnard

Author, Reviewer, Donut Enthusiast

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Rachel Barnard’s greatest accomplishments were eating an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting, winning a boot toss, and writing a novel about herself (see the For the Love of Donuts Books). Rachel Barnard wishes she were taller, that chocolate had no calories, and that books could be eaten after they were read. Rachel Barnard resides in the Pacific Northwest and loves to dress up, talk about writing and books, and dance. Rachel Barnard primarily writes young adult books, including Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, At One’s Beast, and Donuts in an Empty Field, and Seize the Donut.



AT ONE’S BEAST  Also Available as an Audiobook

At One's Beast cover

From once upon a time to happily ever after, At One’s Beast highlights the struggles of two young adolescents who have fallen prey to chance evil circumstances. When it took the entire village to create the monster, what will it take to break the spell?

Available in print, e-book, and as an audio book, At One’s Beast is a new take on “Beauty and the Beast,” with a love triangle, revenge, a spell, evil, fate, forgiveness, compassion, bitterness, capture, betrayal and love.




In Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams A young girl takes on the mighty powers of the government, but is sidetracked by challenges of the academy she attends, the new boy, and keeping her secrets safe.

As the U.S. government prepares to take over the world, MC infiltrates one of their elite academies that trains future leaders.  MC must rise to the top in the Cube training grounds in order to be placed high up within the government so she can stop them in their takeover.

It is not until her fourth and final year at the academy that her top-student status is threatened by the sudden arrival of Li, the new transfer student. MC is completely focused on her self-created mission until she gets sidetracked by Li, who might be bad news in more ways than which she bargained.

A Young Adult, Dystopian, Not-So-Distant-Future Adventure Novel with a hint of sci-fi and a bit of romance.



BarnardA Poetry Collection – These are the poems that almost got away.






Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Book 1)

Donuts in an Empty Field coverLetting go of anger is life’s greatest challenge.

Vanessa Smith hasn’t been the same since her father’s death. A hero until the end, he died saving a restaurant owner’s wife and son from a burning building. Nessa has always blamed the boy, Ben, for her loss, and her thoughts are consumed with ways to make him as miserable as she is.

Nichole Adams knows Nessa can never heal until she learns to let go of her hatred, but bringing back her best friend is proving more difficult than she could’ve imagined. In a last ditch effort to break Nessa’s obsession, Nichole hopes signing up for the local food challenge is just the thing to bust her out of her shell

A single choice defines the road ahead for Nessa. Doing the right thing isn’t easy, but living with the consequences of doing nothing might be worse.

SEIZE THE DONUT For the Love of Donuts, Book 2

Sieze the Donut cover

Friendships should never be taken for granted.

The ups and downs of high school forged an unbreakable bond between Vanessa and Nichole. Summer’s over and Vanessa is preparing for life at the local liberal arts college. Without her best friend by her side, Vanessa starts to chart her own path. Navigating new friendships and relationships proves easier said than done.

Nichole got kicked out of her mother’s house, lives with strangers in a sketchy neighborhood and commutes across town for her job in retail. She doesn’t always make the right choices and she has only herself to blame when things go wrong.

Something’s gotta give. Who will make the first move – or will fate intervene to remind each of them of the importance of their bond.


Vanessa Book coverA fun accompaniment/companion book to the For the Love of Donuts Series. This little book of fun contains bucket style lists of challenges, fun things to do with doughnuts, scavenger hunt items, facts about Corgis, top ten donuts you have to try, a doughnuts recipe, and more.





Nichole’s Book of Practical Things

FVP Nichole's Book of Practical Things cover

A fun accompaniment/companion book to the For the Love of Donuts Series.







THE LOST TRAIN – An FVP Book Anthology, short-story SAVOUR

Anthology Cover Front Lost Train Final

An anthology presenting a diversity of visions, ideas and genres interpreted in seven short stories and ten works of art. Created for enjoyment by all ages, on the theme: The Lost Train. A cooperative collection from FVP Books Authors and NBA&I Artists. Proceeds benefit non-profit Arts organization: North Bend Arts & Industry.
~The theft of a Airbnb train car triggers feelings of lost stability, financial independence, and freedom. It takes a village to solve the mystery and SAVOUR the moment. By Rachel Barnard * Paired Artist: Stefanie Allison









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