Sheri J. Kennedy

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Sheri J. Kennedy a.k.a. Kennedy J. Quinn is an individual who thrives on creating. She’s a visual artist, photographer and writer. FEELING HUMAN is her fifth novel. She studied philosophy, literature and communications which gave her a B.A. in Humanities. Thoughtful curiosity influences all of her pursuits. She enjoys participation in her community and life with her husband in a small house on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the mountains near Seattle, Washington.

Sheri J. Kennedy is owner of FreeValley Publishing and Editor of FVP’s website.



Feeling Human Front Cover Final

A Reality with a Twist Book…  FEELING HUMAN is a wild ride contemporary slice of life in which a young man’s consciousness is removed from his body and is observing others from the inside. Before he takes this unique journey, Jac King lives in isolation on his Grandpa’s farm due to an extreme hypersensitivity to the emotions and energy of others. As a fly on the wall to the human soul, he can finally learn to know other humans and perhaps come to terms with his own feelings – including feeling abandoned by his mom. Can he ever learn to be more than alone?

Likeness front cover final









What if everyone became the same?… In LIKENESS, early millennium Seattle-based workers Charlie and Emmaline are thrust from their comfortable and quirky marketing department to the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Conference stage. They present their ad for a new drug, Assimilaire, that minimizes social anxiety by making one feel the same as those around them. In a strange twist, a free sample causes the audience members to not only feel like, but to become like athletic geek Charlie and adventurous artist Emmaline. Forced to stay at the conference by a bomb scare, the affected hotel guests are caught in an impromptu madcap experiment exposing the nature of similarity and difference. This snappy contemporary novel provides much to think about and plenty of humor as it considers the value of who we are.

Free-flowing Stories – Anthology (Editor, Short-story and photos included)

Anthology 2014 final cover front









Other Publications:

Short Stories, Poetry, Photos and illustrations appear in these journals:

Leaves & Flowers, Vol. 2 – Short Story Yellow Ribbons & Cover photo + interior photos

Leaves and Flowers







Fall Into Story Short Story The Fairie’s Whim and Poem Torrents of the Fall & Interior Photos and Book Design

fall into story









3 is the Magic Number Short Story Echoes and Eddies & Interior Photos, Margin Drawings and Book Design

3 is the Magic Nuimber









Author Photo Credit:  Brenda Huckle, Genuine Image Photography with photoshop pop-through by Sheri J. Kennedy

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