Victoria Bastedo

Victoria Bastedo was born in Kansas City, Mo. in the early sixties. There she learned how to be gracious in her manners, that hippies had a special connection with the sun, and that every year should have four distinct seasons.

Then she began to move a lot. From this she learned that shy, introspective people need to talk in order to make friends. Now, she can’t be silenced.  She is married and has many children to spread all of her wisdom around.

She moved to the Snoqualmie Valley twenty years ago. Here she learned Hobbit-like tendencies, to burrow into her home in a green land of little rivers. Her friends visit her at Riverstreet End, and although her door isn’t round, she is.

Victoria’s novel, Mini-droids and Tea was freely chosen by Kirkus Reviews Magazine to feature on page 174 of their July 1 2019 issue. A rare honor for an Indie Author. See their great review HERE!


Vanish  – Seahaven’s Orphan Mystery: Book 1

Vanish Cover Wrap copyLiving on the docks in Seahaven, in 1905, it isn’t safe for a wandering teenager, like Michael. So his father invented him a disguise. Vanish appeared older. Vanish was mysterious. No one would suspect, especially as the nefarious legends surrounding the name of Vanish grew, that under the disguise roamed nothing but a lonely, restless lad. Now his father has gone on to Heaven and left him with no one, Michael had either cast out the nets of his father’s fishing boat, or discover if he can make the legend of Vanish work for him.

Green-eyed Pursuit – Seahaven’s Orphan Mystery: Book 2

Green-eyed Pursuit CoverAt seventeen Lucien is alone in the world. His mother, his grandparents~ all have passed away and left him with nothing but a comfortable inheritance and an empty house. Until he finds the letter his mother hid away for him, in which she describes her short marriage to the man she’d steadfastly refused to talk about while she’d been alive- his father. Taking along his best friend and an unlikely sidekick- his unusually beautiful teacher, Lucien discovers his father’s life is still tangled in mystery. Who framed his father so long ago and ruined their lives? Why do such outrageous sparks have to fly between his father and his teacher? The mystery deepens when Lucien himself becomes the new target.

Moordym Downs

Moordym Cover Front FINAL

There were legends about Moordym Downs, that the Moor had given up the stones to build the castle, and that sometimes the Moordyms gave back one of their own in payment. People disappeared out in the rugged, untamed distance and were never heard from again. Still, Locke couldn’t seem to resist the call of the undulating landscape. Inside the castle, the walls were steeped in dangerous secrets, but no mystery was as pressing as the blood that ran in his veins. Who was his father, and had he disappeared into the Moor? Soon Locke is running for his life. No more time to find true love with…READ MORE

Anthym Quest – Omnibus edition

anthym-quest-omnibus-coverOtterby’s Child – and – The Mere’s Crown in one volume

Anthym was 14, filthy, and the ninth son of the ninth son of the ninth son. Kye had been searching for him since the lad was 3 days old. This teen had a destiny to fulfill, and Kye intended to see he did it, even if he had to drag him in. Despite his team being force-fed a diet of undersea danger, nothing mattered to Kye more than saving the city of Moonlight. At least when the journey started…

Otterby’s Child – Anthym Quest Book I – An Aquatic Fantasy


It’s taken fourteen years for Kye, a soldier of Moonlight, to locate the boy of legend. Only this skinny, ginger, knocked-about lad has the bloodline to reach the Mere before the city of Moonlight is washed away. It’s up to Kye to make certain the teenager lives until he can bring them across the sea and locate the Mere. Kye has to watch as the boy is poisoned and changed, as vicious Bharkers try to squeeze his life away, and as the telepathic Otterby traveling in the boy’s pocket hints at future disaster. How will Kye feel about it if Anthym has to be sacrificed for some mysterious purpose of the Mere? When he reaches them, they’ll find out what a soldier of Moonlight’s fist feels like. READ MORE

The Mere’s Crown – Anthym Quest Book 2 – An Aquatic Fantasy


The Quest to save the city of Moonlight is underway. The Otterby traveling in Anthym’s pocket keeps taking them back to swim in the sea. Besides the dangerous Bharkers, they meet the Zilkies, who give them rides on their backs, and find the passageway to the Mere. At last Kye sees Moonlight’s mysterious benefactors, and learns why Anthym has to be risked. Under the blue depths of the water secrets arise and try to finish the boy off. It will take everything Kye has to give to save him.READ MORE

The Kiss of the Blue Howler

Standing at the cliff edge, the mute Zephyr dropped over an animated thought tapestry that expressed all her loneliness and yearning. A Blue Howler snatched her in response; a mysterious blue creature of the night wind. Zephyr woke up to find herself in an underground cavern world, but one filled with light, air and other humans. She could only express herself through her Thought Energy pictures. Meeting the prince of Istish, she was drawn into helping him save his city from a dreadful…READ MORE

T.E.D.D.I.E.B.E.A.R. in S.P.A.C.E. –  Soft Sci-fi Adventure


T.E.D.D.I.E. stood for Trusted- Educated-Deferential-Dedicated-Inspirational-Extrapolator and B.E.A.R. stood for Bearing-Extreme-Apprehension-and Rage. As ship’s psychiatrist, Felix was used to spending more time with the overwhelmed loners in the crew rather than the top-flighters on the Bridge. But this mission was different. From his borrowed captain’s chair to his insides being shredded, he’d have to prove his right to wear the ears….READ MORE

The Time Mechanic

The Time Mechanic Cover

In order to fix time a Mechanic must be chosen.
Jeremy was an ordinary man one minute, and then he became the Time Mechanic the next. Being ordinary hadn’t prepared him for having strange visions, getting stuck with odd teammates compelled to stay by his side, or the massive responsibility. He was the one man who could prevent the current time from becoming a tragic history lesson and it was terrifying. If he managed to succeed, who would he become after being the Time Mechanic?….READ MORE

Mini-Droids and Tea – A Seattle Romance

New Release Cover 2019

Mini-Droids And TeaCleanCover3

Original Release Cover

Mini-Droids were the new rave in personal phone devices. They walked. Their lips moved when they talked. The male Mini-Droid was named Colepepper and looked just like his inventor. The female was named Poppy and looked… just like her. How dare the man reproduce her form into a seven-inch droid, and then mass produce it so she couldn’t help but run into the thing everywhere she went? Ten years ago Colepepper McSimmons left her… READ MORE

BLACK POODLE OVER SEVEN HILLS A Seattle Romance from Melange Books, Satin Romance


Soubrette knew the language of love- as long as it was aimed at a pitch-black teacup poodle. But baby talk didn’t get her very far when she handed the puppy over to the new owner. One hint of “does itsy wittle Fufu want a kiss from her aunty Soubrette?” and Timothy Marsh was running for Seattle’s seven hills. The poodle wasn’t the only one with baggage. Soubrette was running away from the only family she had left- her greasy blot of a cousin. Soon Timothy was involved in everything- car chases, evading P.I.’s, and flirty visuals involving French maids and feather dusters.
The last confrontation between her and her cousin takes place on the Seattle Waterfront- but will it be Timothy or the black poodle that saves the day?


Santiago's in Trouble cover

Cutting the woman upstairs loose from her literary bonds was a catalyst, changing Jacoby’s orderly life. Vivienne was a writer. Her character, Santiago, helped them meet, but trouble followed him back downstairs to his apartment. Jacoby never expected he’d end up in a hospital bed, wearing a Superhero costume, nor that he’d be the target of a series of vicious pranks. Maybe Santiago could give him perspective. Both in how to fix his life as well as how to reveal his heart to his neighbor. Perhaps if Vivienne could save her character, she could write a happy ending for him too…READ MORE

The Runaway Sleigh Christmas Special

The Runaway Sleigh Cover

Ollie had rebel in her genes; at least the half she knew about. From her Grandpa’s stint as a stuntman to her mama’s tendency to take flight, perhaps it wasn’t surprising to find herself in a runaway sleigh wearing six-inch-heeled stripper boots. What did surprise her was to discover that the man in her past that tried to help her when she was making her worst mistake would be the one rescuing her now… READ MORE

DEAR MIKLOS from Black Lyon Publishing


 The Greek Isles held an allure she couldn’t deny. His name was Miklos.
When Therese was ten, she would have drowned had it not been for Miklos, the handsome Greek boy who dove from his boat to save her life. Now grown and with years of letter-writing between them, she needs him again. Recovering from an illness, Therese is advised to leave the Pacific Northwest rain behind, and return to the Grecian sun and the sea—and Miklos.
Miklos hasn’t seen his friend in years. He isn’t a boy anymore, nor is Therese the young girl he pulled from the water. She’s so much more. But before they have a chance to deepen their relationship, they’re interrupted by a dangerous stalker, an unwelcome pursuit, and the discovery of Therese’s long-lost father. If Miklos wants to become more than a penpal for the rest of her life, he may have to save her for the second time.


Verone’s life as a peasant was a lonely one until the strangers showed up at his door. They demanded he must come with them, to unravel a tangled Will and Testament that inexplicably bound him to the side of the stubborn, dark-headed young man, Antaries.
Submitting to their demands gave him a quest, although he wasn’t certain what the end result would be. As well as Antaries, the two hired guards, and the lawyer sent to oversee the complicated Will and Testament, he had to travel with another man that despised all peasants and was ready to sneer at him at every turn.
On the road they were threatened by thieves, attacked and arrested, struck by poisoners and a pretty young pickpocket.
But inside Verone was changing, for with the surprises of travel his heart contracted with an emotion he hadn’t allowed himself to feel for a long time. Hope. Was he destined to be a lonely peasant with nothing to look forward to but scraping his next meal into his stomach with calloused hands? Or would Antaries prove to be the friend he never expected to come his way? Would he even extend himself to save Verone’s life?

ROOTS ENTWINE from Melange Books, Fire and Ice

Roots Entwine-Victoria Bastedo cover

Hidden in the trees is a boy with a mysterious past and powerful ability—will the team that found him have to watch him die?
15-year-old Joaquin can hear a man’s heart beating a half a mile away. He can see in the dark when others are stumbling. One whiff and he can tell what was served for yesterday’s dinner. But then he needs near-coma sleep to heal his brain from the searing pain. He’s a Phoshat, and his ability comes with a price.
Rumors spread about the mysterious Phoshat living in the forest around his family’s estate. Then Kallum comes, the tall stranger who leads a mission team for the king. He’s determined to add a Phoshat to the list of talents that his team boasts. He takes on the responsibility of a teenaged, untested Phoshat, and they set out, but soon it’s evident that Joaquin’s gift is so powerful that it almost swings out of control. As their journey goes on and unconsciousness overwhelms Joaquin over and again, Kallum begins to question whether Joaquin is ready for the dangerous mission that’s growing more intense every day.
Joaquin wonders too. Why was he born different than everyone else?
Roots Entwine is a young adult fantasy adventure. A tree standing alone shades no one, but entwining his life with his team moves Joaquin towards the inevitable choice he must make for them. It’s up to him to decide what the sum of his life will be, and if his inborn ability will be a curse to him or the gift that saves his friends.

Another Cinderella – Kindle Edition

Cinderella’s stepsister meets an imp, a tinker, and her true self.
It just isn’t fair that Cinderella ends up with the prize and Atlantia is stuck with the drudgery. Instead of a godmother, Atlantia gets an imp. Instead of a romantic coach ride to a magnificent ball, she ends up down a side street at the wrong end of town. And instead of a handsome Prince, the only man interested in her is an impertinent tinker. Obviously, something needs to change…READ MORE

Chantiki’s Boudoir – A Vintage Ladies Magazine, Editor & Writer

Chantiki's Boudoir cover

A lively, turn of the century magazine, with quaint articles, helpful advice, terrifying advertisements, and a travel diary.

THE LOST TRAIN – An FVP Book Anthology, Short-story Folio the Brave

Anthology Cover Front Lost Train Final

An anthology presenting a diversity of visions, ideas and genres interpreted in seven short stories and ten works of art. Created for enjoyment by all ages, on the theme: The Lost Train. A cooperative collection from FVP Books Authors and NBA&I Artists. Proceeds benefit non-profit Arts organization: North Bend Arts & Industry.
~A child’s whim nearly causes the loss of his best train-friend, Folio. Captain Spyglass keeps watch as FOLIO THE BRAVE ventures into the perils of Dreamland to keep Anatole from growing up too soon. By Victoria Bastedo * Paired Artist: Pepper Allphin


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