Victoria Bastedo

Victoria Bastedo was born in Kansas City, Mo. in the early sixties. There she learned how to be gracious in her manners, that hippies had a special connection with the sun, and that every year should have four distinct seasons.

Then she began to move a lot. From this she learned that shy, introspective people need to talk in order to make friends. Now, she can’t be silenced.  She is married and has many children to spread all of her wisdom around.

She moved to the Snoqualmie Valley twenty years ago. Here she learned Hobbit-like tendencies, to burrow into her home in a green land of little rivers. Her friends visit her at Riverstreet End, and although her door isn’t round, she is.

Victoria’s novel, Mini-droids and Tea was freely chosen by Kirkus Reviews Magazine to feature on page 174 of their July 1 2019 issue. A rare honor for an Indie Author. See their great review HERE!


Moordym Downs

Moordym Cover Front FINAL

There were legends about Moordym Downs, that the Moor had given up the stones to build the castle, and that sometimes the Moordyms gave back one of their own in payment. People disappeared out in the rugged, untamed distance and were never heard from again. Still, Locke couldn’t seem to resist the call of the undulating landscape. Inside the castle, the walls were steeped in dangerous secrets, but no mystery was as pressing as the blood that ran in his veins. Who was his father, and had he disappeared into the Moor? Soon Locke is running for his life. No more time to find true love with…READ MORE

The Kiss of the Blue Howler

Standing at the cliff edge, the mute Zephyr dropped over an animated thought tapestry that expressed all her loneliness and yearning. A Blue Howler snatched her in response; a mysterious blue creature of the night wind. Zephyr woke up to find herself in an underground cavern world, but one filled with light, air and other humans. She could only express herself through her Thought Energy pictures. Meeting the prince of Istish, she was drawn into helping him save his city from a dreadful…READ MORE

Another Cinderella – Kindle Edition

Cinderella’s stepsister meets an imp, a tinker, and her true self.
It just isn’t fair that Cinderella ends up with the prize and Atlantia is stuck with the drudgery. Instead of a godmother, Atlantia gets an imp. Instead of a romantic coach ride to a magnificent ball, she ends up down a side street at the wrong end of town. And instead of a handsome Prince, the only man interested in her is an impertinent tinker. Obviously, something needs to change…READ MORE

Mini-Droids and Tea – Seattle

New Release Cover 2019

Mini-Droids And TeaCleanCover3

Original Release Cover

Mini Droids and Tea Cover

Mini-Droids were the new rave in personal phone devices. They walked. Their lips moved when they talked. The male Mini-Droid was named Colepepper and looked just like his inventor. The female was named Poppy and looked… just like her. How dare the man reproduce her form into a seven-inch droid, and then mass produce it so she couldn’t help but run into the thing everywhere she went? Ten years ago Colepepper McSimmons left her… READ MORE

The Runaway Sleigh Christmas Special

The Runaway Sleigh Cover

Ollie had rebel in her genes; at least the half she knew about. From her Grandpa’s stint as a stuntman to her mama’s tendency to take flight, perhaps it wasn’t surprising to find herself in a runaway sleigh wearing six-inch-heeled stripper boots. What did surprise her was to discover that the man in her past that tried to help her when she was making her worst mistake would be the one rescuing her now… READ MORE

DEAR MIKLOS from Black Lyon Publishing

















ROOTS ENTWINE from Melange Books, Fire and Ice

Roots Entwine-Victoria Bastedo cover









Green-eyed Pursuit cover








BLACK POODLE OVER SEVEN HILLS from Melange Books, Satin Romance



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