Helpful Links for Writers

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Here are some articles and products we’ve come across with great information well delivered:

An interesting (if unscientific) Survey Monkey about the interests and composition of the Speculative Fiction audience. A great way to see reader interest in your genre.

Submission Bonanza! How-to Step 2: Finding Literary Magazines by Lightning Droplets

Just a note if you use Scrivener–there’s a beta software app that can help you plot out your stories, available HERE It looks interesting, and it might be useful to do a “mind-map” of your story lines.
Another Mind Map and other tools post with great info from Textploits of the Writerly Persuasion

For those of you who Facebook and are looking for Indie Author groups.

  Thanks to T. Tommia Wright for this link.
LuLu’s got a holiday guide for indie-author book sales. Also interesting stats in general about best selling indie books and readers’ preferences.
Thanks to Kathleen Gabriel for this link!
Fun and useful tools to inspire and evaluate your writing. Thanks T. Tommia Wright! This is awesome!

All Links listed with permission or are open sites

Please let us know about great articles that you’ve read and would like to share by telling us about them and putting the links in comments below.


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    • Thanks for checking them out! This list will continue to grow, so check back from time to time. Also if you have specific topics you’re interested in knowing more about you can ask us in comments or email a question or request for a post topic to: We’re always happy to hear from you and will respond to your queries.

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