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Spotlight on Author, Stephanie Center

FVP loves to share the works of other independent authors with readers. Here’s a bit about Stephanie and the links to a couple colorful books by Stephanie Center.

Author Stephanie CenterSince early childhood Stephanie has dreamed of being an author, she was recognized early on for her writing skills and throughout her teen years, published different works through various poetry books.

She is on a mission to help others on their life’s journey through her books to learn faster what took her a lifetime to find out. Through different mediums of art, her messages of happiness, choices, and love, seem to jump from the pages.

Besides being creative, she loves to dance, sing, volunteer and wish for everyone else’s wishes to come true. The one thing people don’t usually know about her is she LOVES to swing on the swings!

 Visions To Dream:

Visions to DreamFor any age, Visions to Dream is a classic sleep aid, creating visions to start your dreams… Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep at night? In Visions to Dream, you will find a collection of scenes to hold within your mind as a way to relax and drift off to sleep peacefully… Imagine sitting at the top of a castle right in front of the starting line for an extreme skiing event. As you follow your heart’s desire and turn down the slope, you start to dream for real and this is how it starts!

 Unicorns a Magical Coloring Book:

Unicorns a Magical Coloring BookUnicorns is a magical coloring book for all ages. This unique book was designed for you, the artist, to step fully into the art of meditation while distracting the mind with color. Deep within its pages are Unicorns with a depth of beauty which mystifies all who never seek it. The longer it takes you to create your masterpiece, the more alive you become within yourself. Each moment you spend coloring is a moment you are creating harmony between you and your art. Just add color to the pages and watch the unicorns magically become beautiful with your unique style, patterns, and colors. Stephanie is an advocate for self healing and helping others to discover their own strengths. She has been through many awakening life events and wishes to share her knowledge with others. Through UNICORNS, she turns from being informative to becoming the explorer. You will find her best healing work in the pages of this book as you open it and discover the colors of your dreams, finding their way inside these magical unicorn drawings. Love. Dream. Art.

Links to More About Stephanie:

Youtube Channel with art videos Best viewed on computer

Author page:


The King of Average- New Release by Gary Schwartz

Here’s one for our middle-grade readers…Although adults will enjoy it too! THE KING OF AVERAGE by Gary Schwartz is released on Amazon and you can attend Gary’s King of Average release party at Boxley’s on the same evening as Sheri J. Kennedy’s Likeness release party at Pioneer Coffee. Make Wednesday, October 21st a Literary Night Out in North Bend, WA starting at 6:00pm!


Gary's Launch Party

Here’s a review of THE KING OF AVERAGE:

51l9sKMAkmL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I am delighted to have had the chance to be an ARC reader for this book. What fun! THE KING OF AVERAGE ranks high above the average read.

The clever wordplay and humor are noteworthy, but my favorite thing about the book is its old-fashioned sense of story. And I don’t mean the ‘old-fashioned’ that’s dusty and crusty and drear. I mean that fantastic and currently rare quality of creating an atmosphere that’s so vivid you can step inside. The story comes to life before your ‘eyes’.

Vibrant and sometimes zany characters swept me away as I traveled with the very relatable and sensible James. I often review on an author’s mastery of Voice, but in this case I’d have to say Schwartz has mastered ‘Voices.’- perhaps due to his extensive experience in television, film and theatre. I can hear each character speaking, as if a play was going on in my head. This is what I mean by ‘old-fashioned sense of story.’ It breathes without need of digital media. Though I can hardly wait to hear an audio book of this…especially if Schwartz reads it himself!

While I have harped on the rich story traditions that tie to the past, I must say the theme and moral of the story, woven through in the most enjoyable puns, are completely contemporary and valuable to both children and adults alike. It’s a rewarding journey to see James blossom, and a great reminder to keep moving forward on this wonderful journey we call life.

-Sheri J. Kennedy

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