New Release! Martian Red Blood – and – Lunar Labyrinth

FVP Featured Author, David Seldon Moore’s new release Martian Red Blood – and – Lunar Labyrinth is now available! Two complete murder mysteries in one volume.

Martian Red Blood

Jason Furbach of the Boston Police Department is asked to investigate an auto accident resulting in the death of the CEO of an interplanetary shipping company. But his investigation soon leads to the first manned base on Mars where a murder has taken place– and the two deaths appear to be related.

Lunar Labyrinth

An astronaut dies on Moon Base One and FBI detective Jason Furbach is sent to the Moon to investigate. But he soon learns that his wife and children back on Earth will be killed unless he lies about what he has discovered.

Get your copy today! Find on Amazon. Find on Barnes & Noble. Find on Dorrance Publishing. More about David Seldon Moore


Train Leaves the Station tonight!!

Valley Reads, The Lost Train Zoom program is tonight!! Feel free to join us 6:30 – 8pm PST, Wednesday, December 1st to hear readings by Pacific NW Authors and Chats by PNW Artists about their works that appear in this Special Co-op Anthology. Click this link to join from anywhere:

New Release – David S. Moore’s Mind Space series

Mind Space Series CoversThe series is complete at last! FVP Featured Author David S. Moore’s Mind Space. The five books are available on Amazon

The Martyrs update coverMind Space Book One: The Martyrs. The Mind Shield is a medical marvel.When Dr. Mathew Henderson’s mother is incapacitated by a stroke and dies on her kitchen floor two days later, he imagines an implanted device that can monitor the health of the host’s brain and issue alerts when medical problems arise. When the product– the Mind Shield– is finally released to market, Dr. Henderson assures the media that its purpose is purely to monitor the brain.But he lied.After two years of blistering sales the Mind Shield’s mind influencing features are switched on.A resistance movement is organized to combat the Mind Shield.Dr. Ralph Orville first realizes that the Mind Shield is a threat to personal freedom when he removes a bullet from the brain of a gunshot victim– and destroys the patient’s Mind Shield in the process. The patient’s agonized withdrawal from the device’s conditioning convinces Dr. Orville that he must fight the Mind Shield with every ounce of his strength.

Restoration cover updateMind Space Book Two: Restoration The Mind Shield Command Center has been destroyed, and customers have removed their implants at a frenetic rate. Dr. Mathew Henderson of Jaimeson-Cale, the manufacturer of the Mind Shield, is told by his board of directors that he had better improve sales or he will be out of a job. And now a new threat appears– competition. Another organization is marketing a device named Limbic Freedom that threatens to outsell the Mind Shield. If he doesn’t do something drastic soon, the vision of Mind Space may be lost forever…


Mind Space cover updateMind Space Book Three: Mind Space Sales of the Mind Shield are back on track. At the present rate the percent of adults in the global population who have a Mind Shield will reach saturation at precisely the right moment and then Mind Space can finally be enabled! But there is still a threat. Limbic Freedom is still finding its way into the marketplace. And there are a steady number of Mind Shield hosts who have their devices removed every year.Is the resistance still thriving? The Defenders Of The True will need to discover who is responsible for combating the Mind Shield, and to learn how to defeat them.


First Colonies coverMind Space Book 4: First Colonies. Mind Space was finally enabled on March 26, 2084, exactly as predicted decades earlier. Now in the aftermath it is time to assess what went wrong. Who is to blame, and what should the government do about it? The vacuum created by Mind Space has opened new possibilities for Limbic Freedom. Peter Hanley envisions a company that can compete in the open, head-to-head against Jaimeson-Cale. And one day the reborn Limbic Freedom may very well rule the world.



Mars coverMind Space Book Five: Mars. Ryan Adams is now President of the United States, and he is also President of the Galactic Assembly. He has been using hidden messages in all of his speeches, public appearances, and advertisements to convince the people of the world that he is a great leader. He claims to have founded several colonies on planets in nearby star systems. The leaders of Limbic World think that he is attempting to become a worldwide dictator. He wants to convert everyone on the planet to the Version X Mind Shield. He has imprisoned people who do not have a Mind Shield. And he is appropriating funds for his own use.What can be done to derail the President’s plans? Is there any hope that the Version X juggernaut can be stopped?

Spotlight: David S. Moore & Leslie Kreher -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY

Pepper Allphin -Old Tree 300dpi VERY FINAL

Old Tree – by Pepper Allphin

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st. And here’s more about the Authors and Artists that were paired to create works for the project.

David S. Moore is a FVP Featured Author, and he was paired with Leslie Kreher. Leslie planned to illustrate a steam train, and David agreed it was the perfect choice to connect with his historical train heist mystery. Both their works will be in the Anthology, but here’s a peek at some of Leslie’s other work and a snippet of David’s Anthology story. Be sure to follow their links to more…

Leslie Kreher:

Find more of Leslie’s work at Leslie Kreher Art on Facebook


Mystery – A tale of a mysterious gold heist follows a lost train of the past into the forests of the Pacific Northwest to find THE SHANGHAIED TRAIN.  By David S. Moore * Paired Artist: Leslie Kreher

Snippet of “The Shanghaied Train” by David S. Moore:

Later that evening Jason flopped onto the bed of his motel room and reviewed the day’s results. Clive Wooten repeated almost verbatim the story he’d heard from a hundred other narrators. The brothers Jackson, operators of The Hidden Treasure Mine, sold some gold to the U.S. government during World War II. The news reports he’d read over the years said they sold the equivalent of about ten bars of gold. On the open market that would have been worth more than $2 million at the time. But because the Gold Reserve Act was in force the Government would only pay $35 an ounce, making their entire shipment worth less than $150,000. So they hijacked the train onto which the gold had been loaded, and drove it west in a snowstorm to Washington State. They turned south on a freight line – that was chiefly used for logging – to head south toward San Francisco. From there they planned to ship it to a buyer somewhere in China.

But something went wrong. The snow forced them to pull off onto a spur somewhere in the forests. Or they tried to hide from the feds by following an old line deep into the woods and eventually froze to death. Or a band of marauding Sasquatch boarded the train and carried them off deep into the forest to be served as the main course of a tribal feast.

But that was only part of the story.Read more…

Find more from David at and on his FVP Author Page

All Proceeds from the Anthology benefit non-profit Arts organization North Bend Art & Industry. Thanks for supporting the Arts!



Beyond the Witherstream

image AREK SOCHA, Pixabay
Looking for an entertaining Free read? How about a Star Trek Novel… Beyond the Witherstream by FVP Featured Author, David S. Moore is available HERE. Enjoy!
Here’s a quick review, followed by the beginning of the story:  (Note, the excerpt skips a prologue chapter.)
Beyond the Witherstream is a classy, thoroughly written bit of Sci-Fi. The Witherstream itself is a unique concept, lyrically-developed, yet it fits in the Science Fiction genre. The world of Star Trek expands to include other ships, new worlds to see, and scientific conundrums deeper than I can understand, yet explained in detail by the obviously intelligent, author. I enjoyed reading this tale/adventure story, told in the grandiose tradition of Star Trek!”
-Victoria Bastedo, Author
Beyond the Witherstream:
Engineer Theresa Mathers stared blankly at her monitor and wondered
when the geniuses in charge of this project were finally going to realize that
Sector 140459258 was the most boring region of the entire Alpha Quadrant.
Sixty-six days she had spent on a tiny research vessel no bigger than a Holosuite
with three of the most aggravating personalities ever assembled in a single crew.
Their esteemed leader was none other than Captain Harding– the absolute
quintessence of an Alliance stuffed shirt who thought far too highly of his talents
as a research vessel captain.
Actually, she thought him rather cute at first– that thin little mustache of
his and his black hair and dark, dark eyes. She thought he looked rather dashing
in a rather grim, determined sort of way. Single, too, she noticed, with more than
a little interest. And he did seem so very considerate. He took her to lunch on
the second day of their two weeks of briefing on Starbase Nurana.
“You have the most lovely eyes,” he said.
For a moment she was too stunned to reply. “Why that’s so sweet of you
to say!”
“And listen, if you need any help with the material we’ve been covering in
our briefings, I’d be more than happy to render my assistance.”
“Well thank you Captain– that’s very thoughtful of you. I will definitely
consider it.”
For a microsend, maybe– but no more. Theresa was absolutely certain
that she did not need his assistance with any of the materials. In fact Theresa
had excelled at the Alliance Academy. In fact Theresa was an expert on virtually
every type of known and unknown phenomena that they might reasonably be
expected to encounter on the most boring expedition in Alliance history. No, very
certainly she did not need any help from Captain Harding on any of the subjects
that had been covered.
Still, she found herself thinking that someone at Alliance Command must
have thought he had talent. He was a Lieutenant only six months earlier and
now he was to captain this, the Rim Quest, the first of a new type of research
vessel on its maiden voyage! And they were to explore uncharted regions of the
Rim, the borders of Alliance space. It all seemed so very exciting until, on their
first day out, Captain Harding assembled the three of them in the mess hall and
informed them that he would be in charge of every aspect of the mission, from
setting the course to determining how their research data should be gathered.
And true to his word, Harding took every opportunity to foul up the entire mission
with his tedious, picayune pronouncements on the proper observation of every
minuscule procedure in the entire Alliance rulebook.
It didn’t take long for her to transfer her romantic interests back to the
mysterious, misunderstood detective Swain whose latest adventure, Swain
Spurned, had entertained millions from Goridon to Mindos IV. Besides, Harding
quickly developed an interest in Vena Tularea, Engineer and obedient sycophant
of his every decree– and most recently an occasional late night visitor to his
quarters. Wasn’t she just a wee bit jealous of Vena? Well, perhaps. READ MORE…

Wine & Words (and we) are Back

After a brief summer hiatus, FVP is back with Fall events, looking forward to NaNoWriMo events and Holiday events! Although I say we’ve been gone, perhaps it was more of an inward focus on writing. Our group members have been moving forward on their WIPs and a few new self-pubs came out, such as Victoria Bastedo’s The Time Mechanic 

I hope you’ll join us for Wine & Words Spoken Word Evening at Black Dog in Snoqualmie, October 4th. It’s always a fun and entertaining literary evening. Spotlight Author will be FVP’s own, David S. Moore. See you there!

Wine and Words Flyer oct 18

Busy, Busy, Fun! Maple Valley Days

This will be FVP’s third year with a booth at Maple Valley Days in…well, Maple Valley, WA. Here’s a couple photos from past years… Come and see us this weekend. We’d love to meet you!


Visit our Zany Authors at ODD MALL

It’s HERE! ODD MALL Everett is this Saturday and Sunday, June 4th-5th. FreeValley has a booth, so come down and see us and check out our unique indie-published books!

Odd Mall June 2016

David S. Moore – Desiree’ – Anthology Sneak Peek III

As you may know, FVP’s new Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, will be released online and at our sale on Dec. 6th.

Here’s a teaser and a snippet from the third story:

DESIRÉE  by David S. Moore

Dr. Leonard Brown, PhD in proteomics, heads a team of biochemists who are responsible for perfecting the genetic gifts of young women who will one day become betrothed to the world’s most wealthy men.  But after many years of devoted work he’s beginning to have his doubts about the morality of his chosen occupation.

Velvety lips with a tinge of vaginal rose. Mysterious eyes—greenish, with hints of turquoise and haunting gold. Skin an indeterminate copper—a bit Somali, a bit Tahitian, but mostly unidentifiable. High cheekbones, a delicate nose, soft chin. A magnetic face, even without a bit of makeup; unforgettable.

I know every line and shade of that beautiful visage. My office is filled with dozens of photos of her- laughing, sleeping, eating, playing, bathing. Like the others, I have long since been captivated by the spell—a profound beauty, deeply disturbing and visceral. Part of the job, Avery says; part of the job. The only antidote is inundation. Immerse yourself in so many photos, so many images that you simply cannot think of her as anything other than a subject for study.

They bring us skin and blood samples every month. I and the others of my team test and retest. We look for any hint of genetic drift. Even the slightest deviation from the profile must be reported. And then? Avery won’t say. He just clenches his teeth and finds any excuse for an exit. It’s never happened in the fifteen year history of the company. Or so says Marketing. But we test anyway, to assure our customers of the very finest product.

Avery Stevens—brilliant, though a bit too arrogant. Harvard PhD in Bioengineering at 19; did his doctoral thesis on the genetics of obsession; created a genetically engineered retrovirus that confers supernormal intelligence at twenty-two; founded his own company at twenty-four; hundred-billionaire at twenty-nine. But RejuveMates, he has said in numerous press releases, is by far his finest work…..

Want more? You can get the Anthology December 6th, December 13th & December 18th at our events. We’ll have a link to Amazon for online purchase as soon as it is released.

Anthology 2014 final cover frontAnthology 2014 final cover treats