Bard & Starlet Radio Hour Videos

bard-starlet-radio-hour-flyer-2016-ghosts-finalFVP presented Bard & Starlet Radio Hour- Ghosts of Futures Past live on stage at Black Dog Arts Café on Nov. 12th 2016. It was also a book launch party for Victoria Bastedo and Kennedy J. Quinn. Following are some photos from the show and links to the videos of the Readings and Short Plays within the show…Enjoy!

First up, Sheri J. Kennedy, Producer & Owner of FVP, welcomes everyone, and Kennedy J. Quinn gives a reading from new release, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone, Book I: Journey Key, from FreeValley Publishing: VIDEO Click Here


Victoria Bastedo then gives a reading from new release Black Poodle Over Seven Hills from Melange Books: VIDEO Click Here

The show officially begin with Director & Announcer Gary Schwartz’s intro of the Actors and overview of Ghosts of Futures Past, taking the audience on a journey into the Snoqualmie Tunnel of Time: VIDEO Click Here

First stop in time was post-World War II with T.A. Henry’s Scripting the Truth, featuring T.A. Henry as Lila & Leslayann Schecterson as Molly with Mike Murdock as the Orderly: VIDEO Click Here


Onward through the Snoqualmie of Tunnel of Time to a contemporary town in Montana for Victoria Bastedo’s The Past on a Date with the Future, featuring Mike Murdock as Adam, Leslayann Schecterson as Ollie, and Craig Ewing as Grandpa: VIDEO Click Here


Then it was off to the 1990’s for Rachel Barnard’s Back to Donuts, featuring Mike Murdock as Dad’s Ghost and Leslayann Schecterson as Vanessa: VIDEO Click Here


Things take an ethereal turn & twist with David S. Moore’s Angel of Terror, featuring Leslayann Schecterson as The Angel, Craig Ewing as The Man, and Mike Murdock as The Doctor: VIDEO Click Here

The wheels of time spin back and forth from 1915 to1910 and back again in Kennedy J. Quinn’s Over Again, featuring T.A. Henry as Miss Livingstone (Lizzie), Leslayann Schecterson as Janie, Craig Ewing as Father, and Mike Murdock as Mr. Thomas Worthington: VIDEO Click Here (clip only) We ran out of capacity so missed the end of this play and of the show…


And sadly, it’s Over Again… Till next year…. When we hope to do this Over Again. -FVP


The King of Average- New Release by Gary Schwartz

Here’s one for our middle-grade readers…Although adults will enjoy it too! THE KING OF AVERAGE by Gary Schwartz is released on Amazon and you can attend Gary’s King of Average release party at Boxley’s on the same evening as Sheri J. Kennedy’s Likeness release party at Pioneer Coffee. Make Wednesday, October 21st a Literary Night Out in North Bend, WA starting at 6:00pm!


Gary's Launch Party

Here’s a review of THE KING OF AVERAGE:

51l9sKMAkmL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I am delighted to have had the chance to be an ARC reader for this book. What fun! THE KING OF AVERAGE ranks high above the average read.

The clever wordplay and humor are noteworthy, but my favorite thing about the book is its old-fashioned sense of story. And I don’t mean the ‘old-fashioned’ that’s dusty and crusty and drear. I mean that fantastic and currently rare quality of creating an atmosphere that’s so vivid you can step inside. The story comes to life before your ‘eyes’.

Vibrant and sometimes zany characters swept me away as I traveled with the very relatable and sensible James. I often review on an author’s mastery of Voice, but in this case I’d have to say Schwartz has mastered ‘Voices.’- perhaps due to his extensive experience in television, film and theatre. I can hear each character speaking, as if a play was going on in my head. This is what I mean by ‘old-fashioned sense of story.’ It breathes without need of digital media. Though I can hardly wait to hear an audio book of this…especially if Schwartz reads it himself!

While I have harped on the rich story traditions that tie to the past, I must say the theme and moral of the story, woven through in the most enjoyable puns, are completely contemporary and valuable to both children and adults alike. It’s a rewarding journey to see James blossom, and a great reminder to keep moving forward on this wonderful journey we call life.

-Sheri J. Kennedy