THE LOST TRAIN has arrived!

Anthology Cover Front Lost Train FinalYes, today’s the day…the official Release of THE LOST TRAIN Anthology! Please consider purchasing it on Sept. 1st – today – since your choice can help raise visibility to a larger community when pooled with others on Amazon today. So your support for local Arts programs gets boosted to even more benefit!

To celebrate the big day, here’s a note from Editor, Sheri J. Kennedy:

This project came along during a time of deep uncertainty and difficulty for artists. With the lock down for covid-19 and event cancellations that followed, the whole community was reeling, but artists and authors were also hit in their livelihood.


Sheri J Kennedy, Editor

The Anthology project brought a talented and prolific group of artists and authors together and provided a chance to work together to send new beauty to the greater community. The result was  incredibly encouraging to all of us who worked on it. Though we were separated physically, we came together online and felt that amazing connection that is so needed right now. I think you’ll feel the spirit of connection in this collection too!
All proceeds benefit building of facilities to bring artists of all kinds together through North Bend Art & Industry.  I know I can speak for all of our authors and artists in saying that we hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of stories and artworks as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! You can get yours today!

photo of Sheri J Kennedy by Brenda Huckle, Genuine Photography


The KINDLE Release is here! – Free-Flowing Stories from FreeValley Publishing

We’re excited to announce our official release of a Kindle version of FreeValley Publishing’s Anthology, Free-Flowing Stories!

We released the paperback in December 2014 and the Kindle is now available as well at Get yours today!

Also, look for our anthology as well as our fantasy and sci-fi titles at our vendor booth at Norwescon starting April 2nd. Several of our authors will also be hanging out at con to meet you. Stop by and see us!Anthology 2014 final cover front

Anthology 2014 final cover treats

It’s Here! New Release Today – Free-flowing Stories

It’s December 6th…Release Day!!!!

Eight satisfying short stories, short enough to read in a sitting and long enough to develop into stories to remember. Free-flowing Stories is FreeValley Publishing’s first Anthology! You can get your copy on Amazon or come to see us at The Holiday Bazaar in North Bend today, December 6th 10-3. See flyer below.

Be sure to mark your calendar for our Release Party on December 18th. We’ll read from the Anthology and sign books and celebrate with you! Come and see us! See flyer below.

Anthology 2014 final cover frontFlyer for Bazaar 2014

Anthology 2014 release party flyer Click on the flyers to learn more about these upcoming events.

Kennedy J. Quinn – Dark Descensions – Anthology Sneak Peek II

As you may know, FVP’s new Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, will be released online and at our sale on Dec. 6th.

Here’s a teaser and a snippet from the second story:

Kennedy j Quinn portrait bw anthologyDARK DESCENSIONS  by Kennedy J. Quinn

There comes a time in all of our lives when enough is too much. In this prequel to SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD the young Glendra is shaken from enlightened vision to fury. She influences the direction of the Sisterhood, mixing Darkness and Light into a complex brew that boils into the future of the Overworld. 

The young Glendra stood, her face flushed with emotion.  She held high a small piece of Catalyst in her hand, and a wide gap opened in the hearth in the midst of the flames. The room caught its breath as Glendra rushed forward, charging into the back of the man’s chair and knocking him to the stone floor. “Bind him!” she screamed.

Three of the youngest Sisters awaiting her cue subdued and bound him in seconds. Before the others could stop her, Glendra kicked him repeatedly, rolling him into the gap in the fire created by the black block she held. He fell into the hole, tumbling as if down a stairwell. The gap snapped away, back into crackling flames. He had disappeared from the Overworld into the realm Underneath, where none of them could follow even if they dared.

“Glendra, you…” Kestra’s admonishment dropped off into the silent awe of the women surrounding her. All eyes were fastened on Glendra’s as she turned toward them. They had become shining inky black—even where the whites had been. They were darker than the robes she wore. The flickering flames reflected on their eerie surface and chilled them all to their ceremonial bones….

Want more? You can get the Anthology December 6th, December 13th & December 18th at our events. We’ll have a link to Amazon for online purchase as soon as it is released.

Anthology 2014 final cover frontAnthology 2014 final cover treats

A Release Party…And YOU are Invited!!

Our FVP Featured Authors are so excited to share our New Release Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, with you! Please attend our party and reading event on Thursday, December 18th 7-9pm at The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ in Snoqulamie, WA. 8062 Railroad Ave. SE, 98065, 425-831-DOGS (3647)

Also, to celebrate with us, please LIKE our brand new Facebook PageFree-flowing Stories from FreeValley Publishing. We hope you’ll enjoy this new place to see what’s up at FreeValley and to learn more about and interact with our featured authors!

 We’ll be reading from the new anthology, chatting and sharing a good time with you all. The new anthology and our authors’ other books will be available for signing and purchase… just in time for last minute gifts for book lovers!

We can’t wait to see you there!!!

Anthology 2014 release party flyer

Roots Entwine – Now Available!

FVP Featured Author, Victoria Bastedo‘s new YA Fantasy novel ROOTS ENTWINE is available for advance purchase and on Kindle. The official release date is August 21st 2014.

Congrats to Victoria! I can’t wait to read it… You can get your copy HERE!

READ MORE ABOUT IT in this review by Blogspot’s READ AROUND SUE. Click HERE or on the image for more….

Read Around Sue Review-Roots Entwine

New Release: Dawn of Steam: First Light, by Jeffrey Cook and Sarah Symonds

Jeffrey Cook’s
early-era Steampunk novel, Dawn of Steam: First Light, is Now Available in paperback and Kindle.

New Release: Dawn of Steam: First Light, by Jeffrey Cook and Sarah Symonds

In 1815, in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, two of England’s
wealthiest lords place a high-stakes wager on whether a popular set of
books, which claim that the author has traveled to many unknown corners of
the globe, are truth or, more likely, wild fiction. First Light is an
epistolary novel, told primarily through the eyes of former aide-de-camp
Gregory Conan Watts, describing the journeys of the airship Dame Fortuna
and its crew through journals and letters to his beloved fiancee. The first
recruit is, necessarily, the airship’s owner: war hero, famed genius, and
literal knight in steam-powered armor Sir James Coltrane. Persuading him to
lend his talents and refitted airship to the venture requires bringing
along his sister, his cousin, and the crew that flew with him during the
Napoleonic Wars. Only with their aid can they track down a Scottish
rifleman, a pair of shady carnies, and a guide with a strong personal
investment in the stories. When they set out, the wild places of the world,
including the far American West, the Australian interior, darkest Africa,
and other destinations are thought to be hostile enough. No one expects the
trip to involve a legendary storm – or the Year Without a Summer of
1815-1816. The voyage is further complicated by the human element. Some
parties are not at all happy with the post-war political map. Most
problematic of all, the crew hired by the other side of the wager seem
willing to win by any means necessary. Dawn of Steam: First Light follows
these adventurers, as they open up the world. In the process, their journey
helps lay the foundations for an age of enlightenment and technology to


March 22nd, 1815

The skies of Western England

50�47’N 03�21’W

My Dearest Cordelia,

You cannot begin to imagine the views afforded by travel aboard these
military dirigibles. While the first day was quite difficult in many ways,
that time has passed, and now I am finding myself quite at home aboard this
wondrous vehicle. I spend what time I can spare holding tight to the rails
outside and admiring the grounds below, though we are now quite near the coast
and can see the choppy waters in the distance. Until one has had this
amazing perspective, it is hard to imagine the true meaning of “as far as
the eye can see,” for there are times the ground below seems to stretch on
forever. Entire villages and even towns seem tiny by comparison to the
sheer scope of vision offered by being so high above our beloved home.

We were not able to travel particularly close to London, to my regret, in
part because we have only so much in the way of supplies, but I can only
imagine it would be particularly breathtaking seen from above and out of
the crowded paths and shops. Even writing of the experience seems
insufficient, for words cannot accurately capture the splendor of the
greatest nation on Earth seen from Heaven’s own view of it. Still, I
am striving
to do it some justice if only to attempt to share this sense of wonder I
feel with you, for I can never be certain that this is an experience I
shall ever have when this adventure is done.

Find out more and purchase this new novel

Dawn of Steam Trilogy on Facebook

Interview with Author, Jeffrey Cook

Wandering Imagination

Featured Author, Rachel Barnard, has a new publication, Wandering Imagination available. Check out the poetry collection by this talented young author…


Also, here’s a story to enjoy from Rachel:


There was a young girl. She was small and timid but wanted to be brave. She lived in the desert with her younger sister. She was even smaller and more timid than the elder one was.

One day, as they were cooking dinner together, like they did every night, there came a knock on the door. They both froze, waiting. The knock became a bang. The bang became a shout as the door was kicked in and three men entered. They grabbed the young girl and took her outside.

The older sister was very scared of these men. They were bad men. One of them approached her and she scooted back toward her cooking pot. She was very scared but she needed to be brave for her sister. She gritted her teeth and grabbed the pot and chucked it at the man. He screamed and clutched at his face, dripping with hot stew. The older sister grabbed the stirring spoon on the counter and ran outside, brandishing her weapon and yelling wildly.

The other two men were saddling up their horses, one of them holding the younger sibling by the upper arm. The older sibling ran toward the man holding her sister and hit him on the shin with the spoon. He buckled and let go of the other girl. They both turned to look at the final man who leered menacingly in his leathers at the two. He was rummaging through some of their stuff and picked up a pickax.

The two girls’ eyes widened in fright but the older sister gritted her teeth again and picked up her younger sister and placed her on one of the horses. She shouted ‘go!’ and swatted the horse so that it took off into the distance. She ran quickly over to one of the other horses and shouted at it and swatted that one so that it took off as well. She ran to the final horse and tried to mount but the third man had caught up to her and raised the pickax. She screamed and kicked the man. He fell and lay still.

She finally mounted the horse, with the help of an abandoned stump in the yard. The older sister galloped, trying to catch up with her younger sister, who was far off in the distance, headed northwards. She caught up and pointed to the cliffs. They trotted together to the edge. There was a gnarled and bent tree overlooking the valley and a racing river that looked like a shoelace because it was so far below.

The two sisters got off the horses. The older sister walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down. The height made her dizzy but she gritted her teeth and turned to face her younger sister as she delicately placed her foot on a rock below. Foot over foot she made it several feet down to a ledge and then she beckoned to her sister to do the same. Her younger sister was very scared but looked back at the house, small in the distance and saw two thin specks. Her mind made up, she gritted her teeth, much like her older sister and followed onto the ledge three feet below. The two sisters put their feet around the ledge and felt another ledge. Another ledge below that waited. And another. Step by step, they made their way down and deeper into the cliff face until they were upright in a hidden cave.

Unpublished excerpt cut from YA Novel, ATAXIA AND THE RAVINE OF LOST DREAMS by Rachel Barnard, Featured Author Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams

Mistress of the Dancing Bones

Francois appeared to Ashia’s right and slashed his dagger at one of the spears. The metal tip flew off. Then he was gone. He reappeared at her left and thrust his dagger through an opening. It bit at her side and she hissed in pain. Gripping thedancing-bones-cover wound, she spun around to face left but she knew he wouldn’t strike there again. Ashia thrust her spears behind her, trying to catch him, but true to her father’s training, Francois was adapting to her already.

Francois appeared crouched down at Ashia’s feet right in front of her and swept her feet. She tumbled down to the ground on her side, the one that was already bleeding and it sent an intense jolt of pain through her body. Ashia again tried to blow Francois back, but he rammed both blades into the ground and held onto them tight. Though his body lurched back, she couldn’t quite shake him loose.  Once her blast ended, he leapt back to his feet and landed on top of her with his blades crossed at her neck.

“Surrender or die!” Francois shouted to her playfully.

The crowd groaned in fear for their favorite Ashia. She just smiled. “Never!” Her lifeforce was already sinking into Francois draining his life force. She had a good reserve she was building already from him. Now with him so close, her lines were weaving into him everywhere. She slowly pushed his arms up away from her and towards his own neck. His brows furrowed as he fought back against her. His strength was formidable, but ever so slowly she was winning out.

Francois backed away from Ashia and she leapt up to the balls of her feet. “What are you doing?” he asked in a strained voice.

“Trying to win!” Ashia said with a smile. As he backed away, her control weakened, and within a moment, he pushed his arms out in front of him. She still couldn’t maintain such tight control for long at a distance.

He stood back up, but stumbled as he did. He was starting to feel the lifedrain. Francois shook himself to clear his mind and focus. Ashia backed up and gathered her scattered weaponry to her. They spun around her again in a tight formation as she watched his face for any slight betrayal of his next move.

He was learning quickly. Francois’s face betrayed nothing. His body tensed and he seemed about to flicker away, when Camille spoke.

“Enough!” she said in a quivering tone Ashia had never heard come from her lips. “I’ve seen enough!” Her hands ran through her hair and she looked away, her eyes scoured over everything other than Ashia.

They settled on Etienne. “What did you do to my daughter?” she asked, though she and Ashia were not technically related.

Etienne said dryly, “I stepped out of her way.”

Camille’s heels echoed through the silent courtyard as she approached, visibly shaken.

“I came here to collect a wayward child and I find… this,” Camille said.

Excerpt by Thomas Alexander – Featured with permission