Wandering Imagination

Featured Author, Rachel Barnard, has a new publication, Wandering Imagination available. Check out the poetry collection by this talented young author…


Also, here’s a story to enjoy from Rachel:


There was a young girl. She was small and timid but wanted to be brave. She lived in the desert with her younger sister. She was even smaller and more timid than the elder one was.

One day, as they were cooking dinner together, like they did every night, there came a knock on the door. They both froze, waiting. The knock became a bang. The bang became a shout as the door was kicked in and three men entered. They grabbed the young girl and took her outside.

The older sister was very scared of these men. They were bad men. One of them approached her and she scooted back toward her cooking pot. She was very scared but she needed to be brave for her sister. She gritted her teeth and grabbed the pot and chucked it at the man. He screamed and clutched at his face, dripping with hot stew. The older sister grabbed the stirring spoon on the counter and ran outside, brandishing her weapon and yelling wildly.

The other two men were saddling up their horses, one of them holding the younger sibling by the upper arm. The older sibling ran toward the man holding her sister and hit him on the shin with the spoon. He buckled and let go of the other girl. They both turned to look at the final man who leered menacingly in his leathers at the two. He was rummaging through some of their stuff and picked up a pickax.

The two girls’ eyes widened in fright but the older sister gritted her teeth again and picked up her younger sister and placed her on one of the horses. She shouted ‘go!’ and swatted the horse so that it took off into the distance. She ran quickly over to one of the other horses and shouted at it and swatted that one so that it took off as well. She ran to the final horse and tried to mount but the third man had caught up to her and raised the pickax. She screamed and kicked the man. He fell and lay still.

She finally mounted the horse, with the help of an abandoned stump in the yard. The older sister galloped, trying to catch up with her younger sister, who was far off in the distance, headed northwards. She caught up and pointed to the cliffs. They trotted together to the edge. There was a gnarled and bent tree overlooking the valley and a racing river that looked like a shoelace because it was so far below.

The two sisters got off the horses. The older sister walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down. The height made her dizzy but she gritted her teeth and turned to face her younger sister as she delicately placed her foot on a rock below. Foot over foot she made it several feet down to a ledge and then she beckoned to her sister to do the same. Her younger sister was very scared but looked back at the house, small in the distance and saw two thin specks. Her mind made up, she gritted her teeth, much like her older sister and followed onto the ledge three feet below. The two sisters put their feet around the ledge and felt another ledge. Another ledge below that waited. And another. Step by step, they made their way down and deeper into the cliff face until they were upright in a hidden cave.

Unpublished excerpt cut from YA Novel, ATAXIA AND THE RAVINE OF LOST DREAMS by Rachel Barnard, Featured Author Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams