The Lost Train – Release September 1st

FVP Anthology-THE LOST TRAIN CoverThe train is almost here! We’re so excited to present this Anthology in cooperation with Artists from North Bend Art & IndustryAvailable on Amazon. 

The project rallied artists to work together online while isolated during the lockdown and continues to support and inspire them through this time of social separation and change. They are excited to share these 7 stories and 10 artworks to encourage and entertain the community around them.

There will be posts about the Authors, Artists, stories and artworks posted here on FVP over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. Learn more about it now…


Our New FVP Anthology Coming Soon!

FVP Anthology-THE LOST TRAIN CoverI’m so excited to reveal the Cover for our new FVP Anthology – THE LOST TRAIN!

Eight of our Authors have been working hard in cooperation with nine Artists from North Bend Art & Industry on this themed publication. There are seven stories of various genres from a Children’s story to dark Speculative Fiction. Plenty of mystery, whimsy and heartwarming moments too. Watch for it in August. Pre-order date will be announced soon! All profits benefit NBA&I community Arts development projects.

The KINDLE Release is here! – Free-Flowing Stories from FreeValley Publishing

We’re excited to announce our official release of a Kindle version of FreeValley Publishing’s Anthology, Free-Flowing Stories!

We released the paperback in December 2014 and the Kindle is now available as well at Get yours today!

Also, look for our anthology as well as our fantasy and sci-fi titles at our vendor booth at Norwescon starting April 2nd. Several of our authors will also be hanging out at con to meet you. Stop by and see us!Anthology 2014 final cover front

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It’s Our Big Day! – Celebrate With Us!

Our Release Party is here at last. And there’s FREE CAKE!!

Our FVP Featured Authors are so excited to share our New Release Anthology, Free-flowing Storieswith you! Please attend our party and reading event on Thursday, December 18th 7-9pm at The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ in Snoqulamie, WA. 8062 Railroad Ave. SE, 98065, 425-831-DOGS (3647)

You can Meet our Authors, and we’ll be Reading Snippets from the Anthology, but mostly this is an evening of fun and celebration. Please come and Be Merry With Us!…and did I mention the FREE CAKE!!!!!   (while supplies last.)

Our books will also be available at the party signed by the authors. Or you can celebrate with us from afar and Get Yours Online HERE!

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Rachel Barnard – Ataxia and the Girl of Lost Dreams – Anthology Sneak Peek VI

As you may know, FVP’s new Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, will be released online and at our sale on Dec. 6th.

Here’s a teaser and a snippet from the sixth story:

rachel's anthology author photoATAXIA AND THE GIRL OF LOST DREAMS  by Rachel Barnard

MC’s grandfather might wander off without pants, but he does know a thing or two about how the world used to be before WWIII. In this prequel to ATAXIA AND THE RAVINE OF LOST DREAMS, he fills MC’s head with all sorts of nonsense about the good days and how Ataxia is going to bring back equality and democracy. MC’s curiosity and sense of rightness spurs her to investigate. She gets caught up in New Ataxia and is willing to lay down her identity for the cause.

I recognize his spindly legs, but mostly I am struck with the familiarity of the man, nude from the waist down, staggering around the market square. “Grandfather!” I yell, averting my eyes.

He ignores my cries, hands in the pockets of his oversized coat, as he continues to talk to one of the shop-keepers who is trying to back away. “There’s nothing to eat in this godforsaken town; they leave us to starve!”

I march over and grab his arm. This is the second time he has wandered alone into a public area inappropriately clothed and babbling pseudo-political nonsense.

“You know they tortured me for the whereabouts, but I didn’t budge. Mostly because I couldn’t remember.” Grandfather laughs a dry crackle before turning to me. “MC, you shouldn’t be here.” The soberness in his voice surprises me. His eyes whip back and forth. It isn’t lucidity but paranoia, another symptom of the accident.

“Come on Grandfather, we need to get you home.” I pull him away from the shopkeeper. The vendor gives me a look of gratitude.

“But Ataxia headquarters, MC, I need to get there. I need to remember the way.”

“Of course. I’ll help you remember just as soon as we get home. Ma is worried about you wandering around like this.”

Grandfather shakes his head, “You don’t understand, MC. This is bigger than all of us. Ataxia is flourishing once more, and we have to help it grow. We have to take down-”

I pinch his arm tight to hush him, my eyes darting up and down the alley we are walking through. Grandfather’s voice is loud and abrasive, but there are only a few people walking nearby, and no one is taking notice of the treasonous talk spewing without filter. Our shoes kick up dust from the dirt paths, and there is a distinct smell of rotten eggs emanating from the nearby cardboard shanties.

The poor don’t care about those who have nothing to offer. There is no reason for a spy to be in our midst, but still, we have to be circumspect with what we say and do in public.

When we arrive home mother is hysterical, panting and pacing back and forth. My younger sister sits quietly in the corner, unmoving.

“Father, you know how precarious our position is with you here. You can’t put your family in danger,” Mother fumes at Grandfather. “They won’t stop at arresting you. They will come after us as well.”

No one mentions his lack of clothing.

“I must tell MC where it is, so she can continue the mission,” he insists.

“Then what were you doing in the market talking the ears off any one of them who could be a spy or informant? What were you thinking?” Mother says sharply.

“I was trying to remember.” Grandfather shuffles off to the back room and our single shared bed that sags in the middle as he lies down.

“Oh no you don’t! You can’t weasel your way out of this one. They may have let you go before, but they could come back for you anytime. You can’t give them any reason to doubt you now,” Mother says. She stalks over to the bed and pounds on the end of it, ruffling the sheets.

Grandfather snores loudly in mock disrespect. I can’t stifle a snort at his antics.

Mother turns to me. “This is not a laughing matter. You don’t know how serious this is, MC. When I was your age they took your grandfather the first time.”

“The New American Nations’ government?” I ask, all ears….

Want more? You can get the Anthology December 6th, December 13th & December 18th at our events. We’ll have a link to Amazon for online purchase as soon as it is released.

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Kennedy J. Quinn – Dark Descensions – Anthology Sneak Peek II

As you may know, FVP’s new Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, will be released online and at our sale on Dec. 6th.

Here’s a teaser and a snippet from the second story:

Kennedy j Quinn portrait bw anthologyDARK DESCENSIONS  by Kennedy J. Quinn

There comes a time in all of our lives when enough is too much. In this prequel to SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD the young Glendra is shaken from enlightened vision to fury. She influences the direction of the Sisterhood, mixing Darkness and Light into a complex brew that boils into the future of the Overworld. 

The young Glendra stood, her face flushed with emotion.  She held high a small piece of Catalyst in her hand, and a wide gap opened in the hearth in the midst of the flames. The room caught its breath as Glendra rushed forward, charging into the back of the man’s chair and knocking him to the stone floor. “Bind him!” she screamed.

Three of the youngest Sisters awaiting her cue subdued and bound him in seconds. Before the others could stop her, Glendra kicked him repeatedly, rolling him into the gap in the fire created by the black block she held. He fell into the hole, tumbling as if down a stairwell. The gap snapped away, back into crackling flames. He had disappeared from the Overworld into the realm Underneath, where none of them could follow even if they dared.

“Glendra, you…” Kestra’s admonishment dropped off into the silent awe of the women surrounding her. All eyes were fastened on Glendra’s as she turned toward them. They had become shining inky black—even where the whites had been. They were darker than the robes she wore. The flickering flames reflected on their eerie surface and chilled them all to their ceremonial bones….

Want more? You can get the Anthology December 6th, December 13th & December 18th at our events. We’ll have a link to Amazon for online purchase as soon as it is released.

Anthology 2014 final cover frontAnthology 2014 final cover treats

Kathleen Gabriel – Can’t Stop Singing -Anthology Sneak Peek I

As you may know, FVP’s new Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, will be released online and at our sale on Dec. 6th.

Here’s a teaser and a snippet from the first story:

Kathy author photo anthologyCAN’T STOP SINGING  by Kathleen Gabriel

Here’s what happens when those songs that get stuck in your head go bad.

Songs came to her.

Songs came to her without preface or forewarning.

Sometimes it was an eight-bar phrase, and nothing more.

Sometimes it was the same eight-bar phrase, over and over.

An earworm, her psychiatrist called it. Everybody gets them. If it worries you, we can increase your anti-anxiety meds.

Snort. Yeah, right.

Songs kept coming to her. They would start up while she was singing something else, startling her into stopping to listen—to find out what the new song had to say.

But they were never new. She listened and recognized them, every one of them. Some she had not heard or thought of in years. Bare melody, sometimes a simple harmony came along for the ride. A bit of a song, a few bars of a chorus, a snip of a verse.

But all were other people’s songs. Just like in college, when she’d failed composition three times and failed to get her bachelor of music degree because of it; there were no original songs in her head.

Gradually the orchestration improved—percussion, bass lines, harmonies, secondary themes—until it was as complete as any expert recording.

Then the music lengthened. It would still start anywhere in the piece, but longer bits came to her. Instead of eight bars she would hear an entire verse, or the chorus.

After four months, she no longer needed a stereo. But she still could not choose what to listen to, in what order, or when.

Concertos came. Operettas. Symphony movements. Elvis at his best with symphonic backup. The Moody Blues. The Grateful Dead. Frank Sinatra did it his way.


The songs kept coming, and she saw them as an opportunity to practice singing. The songs became louder and more insistent and she had to sing, she could not refuse.

People on the train were amused, but when she didn’t respond to their questions, they shrank away from her.

Customers and co-workers complained. Her boss told her to stop.

She tried to stop singing, but all she could do was to lower her volume, and not very much. The music was loud, and she had to participate.

She tried to control the dancing. That, too, was difficult.

The muzak in the store where she worked was just loud enough to keep the shoppers in a friendly, positive, purchasing sort of mood. The music in her head was louder. One day while making photocopies at the customer service counter she sang a hip-bumping New Orleans tune, throwing her head back and letting it all out….

Want more? You can get the Anthology December 6th, December 13th & December 18th at our events. We’ll have a link to Amazon for online purchase as soon as it is released.Anthology 2014 final cover treats

Anthology 2014 final cover front

A Release Party…And YOU are Invited!!

Our FVP Featured Authors are so excited to share our New Release Anthology, Free-flowing Stories, with you! Please attend our party and reading event on Thursday, December 18th 7-9pm at The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ in Snoqulamie, WA. 8062 Railroad Ave. SE, 98065, 425-831-DOGS (3647)

Also, to celebrate with us, please LIKE our brand new Facebook PageFree-flowing Stories from FreeValley Publishing. We hope you’ll enjoy this new place to see what’s up at FreeValley and to learn more about and interact with our featured authors!

 We’ll be reading from the new anthology, chatting and sharing a good time with you all. The new anthology and our authors’ other books will be available for signing and purchase… just in time for last minute gifts for book lovers!

We can’t wait to see you there!!!

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